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#rockbox log for 2021-11-10

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01:40:33tertu2well another thing is
01:40:52tertu2it actually doesn't always take the same amount of time to read the battery!
01:47:34tertu2wait, it could be what was happening is it's booting an old binary.... yikes
01:47:39tertu2i've zeroed the SD card out
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01:53:29tertuthat did it!!!
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01:56:06tertuall the files play fine now too
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01:59:26tertui'm guessing what happened with that battery issue was that it was reading the old rockbox.erosq off of the sd card
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02:15:31johnb5dconrad (logs): FWIW, I have the native port running on a Surfans F20.
02:16:25johnb5or rather installed it. My daily devices are X3 and clip+.
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10:23:27dconrad_webjohnb5, oh awesome! sounds like everything went smooth then?
10:23:34dconrad_webglad to hear there's another one running
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10:23:55dconrad_webtertu, excellent!
10:27:08dconrad_webhopefully it's reliable going forward
10:27:24*dconrad_web knocks on wood
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10:53:02tertuis there a way to make the jog dial be considered a button for the purpose of preventing the screen from going to sleep?
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10:58:09dconrad_webtertu, I believe it should already do that?
10:58:47dconrad_webor at least, it seems to when I test it here
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11:01:24dconrad_webI tested it in the main menu and while playing screen, it seems to prevent the screen from shutting off on both
11:04:57GenjuI've just installed rockbox on my new surfans f20, successfully. Only problem: there's no way to browse the database by album artist
11:05:20GenjuJust "artist", which shows me N++ entries for albums with various artists
11:05:46GenjuI could swear rockbox on my clip+ had album artist view by default
11:06:42dconrad_webtertu: ah, I had Backlight Exemptions turned on - Settings->General Settings->Display->LCD Settings->Backlight Exemptions, Enable and then select at least "Disable Unmapped Keys" in its settings, that seems to do it
11:09:53tertuit may have been something that they took out of the stock database view
11:10:00tertuyou can still add it as a custom view
11:10:16Genjuyeah, guess I'll have to dive into the syntax for that
11:10:20Genjualready found the wiki page
11:10:32Genjustill weird that it was removed
11:12:11tertuhaven't used rockbox in a long time so
11:12:29tertuforgot where a lot of things are...
11:12:53GenjuI'm using it on a daily basis (gotta have those mpc files in my car :) )
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11:17:06tertuokay unfortunately i did have an issue with the battery showing as empty
11:17:28tertu(my workaround for that is using jztool, waiting a few seconds, and then launching rockbox from the bootloader)
11:18:11tertuit does seem to have a cooldown period, in that if i turn the eros off and then back on again relatively quickly it boots fine
11:18:48dconrad_webhmm, ok, yeah I might try to do a fix after work today that isn't just a blanket "wait x ms"
11:19:07tertuis there anything i could provide that would be helpful for that?
11:19:17dconrad_webyou can get into the bootloader by holding Vol+ while booting, too rather than using jztool
11:19:29tertuyeah i figured there would be a way to do that, thanks :)
11:20:03tertudoes the original firmware for these things have a button lock?
11:20:29dconrad_webnot sure, tbh - I've only used it for a couple minutes
11:20:37dconrad_webI think so
11:21:45tertualso one thing i noticed, is that album art seems to take a really long time to load
11:21:55tertuis there a tool i can use to strip the resolution?
11:22:47tertuah no i don't need to do that
11:22:59tertujust need to make cover.jpg not 3000x3000 *_*
11:23:04dconrad_webyeah there's a few, personally I use kid3 to pull the album art, resize it in the tool of your choice (save as non-progressive), and then put it back with kid3
11:23:08dconrad_weboh lol yeah that would help
11:25:16Genju%menu_start "custom" "Album Artist"
11:25:16Genju"Album Artist" -> albumartist
11:25:19Genjuthat was reasonably easy :]
11:25:35Genjuand it seems to work
11:25:48Genjuhm, not quite
11:25:50dconrad_websometimes I buy music and the _embedded_ art is a 5-6 mp jpg or png...
11:25:53Genjuneeds more levels, i suppose
11:26:26tertucan i just say i'm happy y'all are still around doing this
11:27:48Genju"Album Artist" -> albumartist -> album -> tracknum title
11:27:50Genjulet's try this
11:29:00Genjunope. back to the drawing board
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11:33:47tertui think the first line would be the %menustart
11:35:19tertuoh also dconrad what do you have database > Load to RAM set to
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11:37:56dconrad_weblooks like I have that set to "no"
11:38:27tertuokay that makes sense
11:38:32dconrad_webthough I don't use the database that much, and I don't keep my whole library on the player
11:38:42tertuthe manual suggests that is intended more for hdd players
11:39:05dconrad_webyeah that's my impression, though you could certainly play with it and see if it changes behavior
11:39:15tertuwell it seems to reduce stability a bit
11:39:19tertuso i turned it off
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11:39:41dconrad_webwell that's good to know, dunno why it would have an effect though
11:40:03tertui was getting oom errors on usb plugin or something
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11:40:09tertuprobably should have written it down
11:41:42dconrad_webhm, that might have something to do with the recent usb rewrite then... I wonder if the new usb system uses more memory
11:48:47Genjunow i can finally listen to some Havukruunu :)
11:49:14Genjudevice up and running, ended up browsing albums via file paths, gonna figure out the custom view when i haven't already had 10 hours of work
12:05:46tertui'm also having issues playing a podcast which like
12:06:03tertui guess that makes sense, but it shouldn't be trying to load the entire file into ram, right
12:08:57tertuspecifically "audio_reset_buffer_noalloc(): EOM (526080 > 64)"
12:10:06dconrad_webhow long is this podcast? I've been playing podcasts that are up to about an hour long, and I haven't seen such an issue
12:10:20dconrad_webyeah I don't believe the entire file gets loaded into memory
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12:11:42tertu93 minutes
12:11:51tertuwell it looks like the allocation is like, 512KB or so?
12:11:53tertuthat seems reasonable
12:14:37tertui am not going to pretend to understand exactly what's going on here...
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12:17:13dconrad_webany chance you could link to that particular podcast that causes the issue? I'll have to defer to someone else on what's actually wrong, but I can see if I can replicate the issue
12:17:56dconrad_web(it sounds like it's a bit above my pay grade haha)
12:19:07speachyparsing mpeg4 containers is quite ram-intensive but I've not personally seen issues with stuff under a couple of hours long
12:21:54speachy(10+ hour audiobooks, otoh...)
12:22:46tertuit's an mp3 i think
12:24:07tertuthis is where i grabbed the file, from the mp3 download link on this page
12:25:55tertuokay doing a cursory reading of the source code this error doesn't really make sense to me because it seems like everything is claiming memory based on how large the buffer is?
12:27:02dconrad_webdid it give you that error right away, or after a while? it started playing ok for me
12:29:04tertuoh darn
12:29:06terturight away
12:29:21dconrad_webjeez, go figure
12:29:22tertuwhen i opened it from the database anyway
12:29:26tertu*file browser
12:29:49dconrad_webyeah, I opened it from the file browser as well
12:31:39tertuit seems to play fine from the database??
12:31:52tertualthough there are also two copies of it in the database. for some reason.
12:32:49tertuand now it also plays fine from the file manager.
12:33:08dconrad_webhmm, is it possible you were initializing/updating the database in the background?
12:33:32dconrad_webI'm not quite sure, but my gut says that will probably eat quite a bit of memory
12:33:42tertuyes. i was
12:34:05tertuand right now it's using most of the memory on the player for buffering
12:37:08tertuso i'll not do that for now
12:37:19dconrad_webas for the two copies in the database, it's possible you've got a hidden file or file in the SD card's trash folder that got pulled into the database as well
12:37:26tertuthat would be it.
12:38:22dconrad_webthat's gotten me before, you can narrow down the database's search by using the "Select directories to scan" feature in the database menu
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12:39:26tertui think i had an explicit exclusion filter on my old ipod
12:39:40tertuoh another question: what's the stop button?
12:40:02dconrad_webhold power button
12:40:12dconrad_web(but not long enough to shut off, obvs)
12:40:28tertu(also yes that seems to be it: updating the database at the same time as playing that file will absolutely crash the player 100% guaranteed)
12:41:01dconrad_webI wonder if we can control the size of memory allowed to those processes, but good to know that's possible
12:41:02johnb5dconrad_web yes, the installation process was smooth.
12:43:07tertuit almost seems like it's a bug rather than just the player running out of memory, because the size of the pcmbuf under normal circumstances is ~512KB and that works fine
12:43:49tertuso like, it shouldn't be trying to allocate a buffer of only 64 bytes or whatever
12:44:00dconrad_webyeah it strikes me as a general bug, we've got way more memory than a lot of players in these things
12:44:17dconrad_webmaybe you could make a bug report in flyspray? since it seems quite repeatable
12:44:24tertuyeah i'll do that later
12:49:15tertuoh also like
12:49:33tertuthe way the database auto update works, the database never stops updating?
12:50:31tertuwhich i guess makes sense, but it would be nice if you could do something like assume nothing that happens on the player itself could update the database
12:52:25tertu(as in, have rockbox only update the database on boot and after usb disconnect)
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13:00:29tertunot really super important under normal circumstances though
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13:11:46munkistertu: I preform databse affecting actionns on my playyer on occasion.
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14:38:33tertuwell, deleting tracks is database affecting, and i assume there's no other way for it to track that
14:38:38tertuwhich i guess makes sense
14:38:54tertuand the dircache would mean that it doesn't have to look at storage ever
14:39:30tertualso i think that contributes to what i've always considered rockbox's really good database performance
14:39:59tertuat least it does a lot better than say the fiio firmware on my x1 did
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14:53:56tertuare bookmarks tied to playlists?
14:54:53amachronicI'm pretty sure they are.
14:59:13amachronicdoes anyone have an opinion on g#3947?
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14:59:16rb-bluebotGerrit review #3947 at : Revert "Database: Fix tag_albumartist; new tag_virt_canonicalartist." by Christian Soffke
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15:21:24munkistertu: also moving files and adding database.ignores
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17:12:43tertudoes the eros platform support inline headphone controls in theory?
17:22:33dconrad_webI don't believe so, at least I think I tried it once in the OF and it didn't work
17:30:32speachythey don't claim support for headphone remotes
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18:03:20munkiscan't find dissasembly pics to count the jack pins.
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18:36:26dconrad... are the x1000 devices really running at 1.008 ghz?
18:37:26speachywell, we can downclock things but there's not much benefit
18:46:22munkisdconrad: did you do the native work for the eros devices?
18:47:27munkiswas any disassembly required?
18:47:50dconradyeah, you can actually go through the forum threads if you want to look back at it
18:48:12munkisoh it'sin the forum, I as looking at the wiki
18:48:33dconradhonestly, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be - a fair number of hours, but not impossible with somewhat accurate source (and amachronic holding my hand!)
18:50:33munkisoh, I was referring to hardware disassembly (opening the case)
18:50:45dconradoh, yeah I did that too
18:51:01dconradum, the pictures are linked to on the forums as well I think
18:53:57dconradif you're crafty, you /can/ do a port without disassembly (I think the q1 was done without disassembly), but I found it helpful to know for sure what all the ICs were
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19:04:19speachyyou can get a lot of info from the running linux environment FWIW
19:04:23munkisI just wwanted to count the connectors
19:06:00munkisit has 4 pins wich would imply trrs but the fze+ does as well and I believe only has TRS
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19:32:56munkisum yeah nvm fue+ has trrs
19:39:40dconradIf I recall correctly, those all ohmed out as shorted left to right...? something like that
19:39:57dconradalso, they have switches built in to detect when something is plugged in
19:47:05munkisthey usually have switches, but not always.
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21:39:59dconradtertu: if you want to try some builds, they should be available for download here:
21:40:52dconradI tested it on my own device, and even the lowest value (50) works just fine, whereas before I couldn't go below 170... so I'm curious if it works without incident on your device, and if so what the lowest value that does work reliably is
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21:42:56munkisfor some reason PC is the instruction after the call to panic.
21:45:21dconradalso: g#3956 for anybody interested... I imagine I should probably add m3k to this patch as well, but I haven't tried it yet
21:45:25rb-bluebotGerrit review #3956 at : x1000: delay power thread until valid battery read by Dana Conrad
21:53:18rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 67fb558c89, 303 builds, 11 clients.
22:05:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 757 seconds.
22:05:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 67fb558c89 result: All green
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22:08:59munkiscan anyone give me advice on debugging a queue overflow?
22:10:16 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
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22:38:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision cf009b4cbb, 303 builds, 11 clients.
22:38:55_bilgusthis should be interesting
22:39:06 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
22:39:51_bilgusmunkis I don't know if its any help but what ablut setting the queue length longer and check if its larger than the old amount?
22:40:55_bilgusadd a macro to allow you to get the name of the producer
22:54:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 953 seconds.
22:54:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision cf009b4cbb result: All green
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