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#rockbox log for 2021-11-11

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05:25:50munkisbilgus: That sounds like a good idea, however the problem is that the panic is most reproducible at shutdown.
06:17:47munkisthe backtrace does imply iit's somethinng in the button handdling though.
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09:01:20tertui'll try that later today!
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09:22:18tertuyay, another usb panic: "usb_dw_control_received: bad state=req"
09:22:45tertui plugged it in, the usb "enter disk mode?" prompt popped up, and then it went into disk mode anyway, then paniced
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10:12:48tertuthat seems to be unreliable in general so i just turned it off
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10:41:35tertuwhat does dithering do exactly?
10:53:28sporkadds a low level noise
10:54:24tertudoes it only apply it if it has to resample?
10:54:46sporkit reduces artifacts when playing something at a lower bit depth
10:56:33tertualso for future reference for dconrad the 50ms build works just fine
10:57:40sporki cannot explain it better than
10:58:19tertuit does seem to make timestretching artifacts a bit less irritating
10:58:43sporkit does not mention if it is only applied on resampling though
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11:00:11tertunot that it really bothers me in that case anyway tbh
11:01:02braewoodsdithering is mainly heard of in relation to GIFs since they cannot use more than 256 colors.
11:01:49tertulike i in principle know what audio dithering is for (as well as visual dithering)
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11:40:27GenjuI've figured out how to add album artist browing back to the database view :)
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12:08:13chris_sbilgus: g#3911 is "done" afaic, if you care to take another look at it at some point (no rush, obviously)
12:08:16rb-bluebotGerrit review #3911 at : Add setting for disabling wrap-around lists by Christian Soffke
12:09:00chris_s_bilgus, I mean
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12:27:29sporkGenju: are you bragging or sharing how ?
12:27:39Genjumaybe both? ;p
12:27:48sporkboth is good
12:27:53Genju%menu_start "main" "Database"
12:27:53Genju"Album Artist" -> albumartist -> album -> title = "fmt_title"
12:28:01Genjujust put those two lines in a custom navi config file
12:28:06Genjubetween the header and footer lines
12:28:20Genjuthat did the trick for me, at least
12:28:58Genjustill no idea why it was removed in the first place, but oh well
12:30:59sporkremoved from the standard (non-custom) you mean ?
12:32:31sporkmight be able to find the commit that removed it
12:33:17Genjuas long as it can be modded back in it's fine by me
12:34:38sporkthe commit might explain the 'why'
12:37:12Genjugood point
12:42:30sporkwas it ?
12:42:49Genjulooks like it
12:43:10Genjuguess it replaced artist and albumartist with a unified "canonicalartist"?
12:43:21sporkthat is how it reads
12:43:22Genjuif that was the idea, it doesn't seem to work for me, at least
12:43:28Genjupicks artist over albumartist
12:44:03Genjuwhich breaks albums with more than one artist (like various artists compilations that show an entry for every artist on the album instead of one entry named "Various Artists"
12:44:56Genjumaybe it's specific to the platform i'm using (surfans f20)
12:45:47sporkit is generic
12:46:09Genjuit should probably pick album artist if available an fall back to regular artist if not
12:46:37Genjuat least in the database view
12:46:48tertuokay so that is what it does
12:47:00tertubut it doesn't know that "Various artists" isn't an actual artist
12:47:35tertuif you take things where the artist tag is "Various Artists" and replace the artist tag with nothing or ""
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12:47:44terturockbox will use the album artist instead
12:47:55Genjudoesn't seem to work for me
12:48:24Genjuall my albums with more than one artist have an ape tag %album artist% with the main artist of the album or "Various Artists" or "VA" set
12:48:31Genjufoobar2000 conventions
12:49:07tertufor the main artist?
12:49:32Genju%album artist% has the main artist of the album for all tracks
12:49:46Genjuthe %artist% tags on the files contain the actual artists
12:49:53Genjulike %album artist% = "VA"
12:50:12Genjutrack 1: same album artist, but %artist% = "Random Artist 1" etc.
12:50:36tertuoh sure
12:50:47Genjuso the album should show up as album artist - album name
12:50:55tertui misunderstood what you were trying to do
12:51:01Genjubut shows up as N entries with artist 1 - album, artist 2 - same album, etc
12:51:46tertuhmm that seems reasonable
12:52:01Genjui think so, too
12:52:10tertuhonestly the way canonical artist works seems a little backward?
12:52:15Genjumy current workaround is to just browse by album artist, that way everything works fine
12:52:36Genjuyeah, that's what i'm saying, it should pick album artist over artist, but it seems to be the other way around
12:52:43tertuwell that said the old artist sort would have worked the same way right
12:52:51chris_ssee here – you guys seem to be discussing the same thing:
12:52:53chris_s g#3947
12:52:56rb-bluebotGerrit review #3947 at : Revert "Database: Fix tag_albumartist; new tag_virt_canonicalartist." by Christian Soffke
12:53:19Genjuindeed we seem to be :)
12:54:04tertui don't really know what problem this change was trying to solve now that i think about it
12:55:28Genjuso that change is still in the queue for reviewing?
12:55:44tertuthat said is the other view you would want
12:56:12tertualbums and artists where the album artist is equal to the artist?
12:56:14tertuor something like that
12:56:25Genjuthat would be kind of pointless
12:56:34Genjuor at least redundant?
12:57:05sporkamachronic asked about comments last night i think
12:57:14sporkon g#3947
12:57:15Genjuthe logic should be: pick album artist tag if both artist and album artist are present, pick artist if only artist is present, pick album artist if only album artist is present
12:57:17rb-bluebotGerrit review #3947 at : Revert "Database: Fix tag_albumartist; new tag_virt_canonicalartist." by Christian Soffke
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12:59:47tertuoh i see
13:00:40tertuso rather than being "artist with fallback" you want "album artist with fallback" so that VA/various artists show as that but albums with just the artist and no album artist set also show up
13:00:52tertugot it
13:00:57tertuthat makes a lot of sense
13:01:00Genjulike it was before in the "album artist" view
13:01:14sporkgood explanation, chris_s
13:01:24sporkin that gerrit
13:06:17tertuyeah at least to me album artist with artist as fallback makes more sense
13:06:21Genjuchris_s: so commit 3947 should revert it back to the way i just explained above, right?
13:06:49Genjui've been up since 4:25 AM, i might be getting it wrong
13:07:01Genjucommuting is hell :)
13:07:28tertubecause like, if i can think of an example song on my player you have stuff with the artist tag "towa tei feat. bebel gilberto" and the album artist "towa tei"
13:07:49tertuand functionally i think of the song as just a towa tei song
13:07:53Genjuyeah, i have albums with that setup, too
13:08:01Genjualong with compilation albums
13:08:19tertui can think of use cases for "just artist" and "just album artist" also
13:08:30tertubut i can't really think of any for "artist with album artist as fallback"
13:08:44Genjuyeah, me neither
13:09:28tertujames's comment on gerrit seems to be making the case that this is a "virtual artists tag" but i don't think it actually is
13:10:00chris_sMaybe James (the author) will chime in with more thoughts, because I do admittedly feel a bit bad suggesting to flat-out revert his changes, but I'm still not sure what the actual goal was
13:10:17Genjuthe current way doesn't make much sense for sure
13:10:28Genjuor if it does, it's not apparent to me :)
13:10:49tertualbum artist with artist as fallback seems to make the most sense to me for a virtual artists tag but then there's the issue of "VA"
13:10:54Genjuin other news, the new pepe deluxe album is awesome
13:13:37sporkthat settled the debate
13:13:53Genjupepe deluxe trumps all?
13:16:50sporkyou played the pepe card
13:18:33Genjuindeed, it's like the royal flush
13:21:47Genjuthe album is really, really good, though
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13:34:00sporkbut what about the album artist ...
13:50:43tertui tried figuring out what was going on in the database and it seems complicated
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