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#rockbox log for 2021-11-13

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12:44:47nihilazodoes rockbox provide a posix-y file API for plugins to use? I'm trying to port this and not sure how much I'd need to rewrite
13:10:29_bilgusnihilazo, yes rb->open
13:11:56_bilgusnihilazo, you know I have a bf interpreter sitting in my tree
13:12:03_bilgusI made it for someone else
13:14:17_bilgusoh nm i guess its just a plugin for what you are porting
13:15:54nihilazobut yeah thanks, I'll try with rb->open
13:16:19_bilgusthe page you referenced had a new commit to a brainfuck interpreter
13:16:51_bilgusI thought erroneously that was the overall plugin not just a module
13:17:26nihilazoah ok yeah, the brainfuck interpreter is just a demo program for it
13:17:32nihilazowhat I'm porting is basically an emulator
13:20:21_bilgusi'm not sure how conforming the file stuff is
13:20:33yangI got the earpods for my m3k
13:20:35yang27 eur
13:23:44nihilazo_bilgus: as long as it's largely similar it shouldn't be hard to port
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15:15:52paulcarrotyyang, lol
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16:09:28yangpaulcarroty: what ?
16:09:48yangapple stufff is kinda expenssive
16:12:20paulcarrotyyang it was several months since I recommended them to you 🤓 and yeah, 27euro it's overkill
16:14:56yangpaulcarroty: yeah I didn't use m3k at all
16:15:06yangbut the first headphones are bad quality
16:15:16yangI don't like the in-ear ssystem
16:23:13yangSorry, how do I sync/share the files on PC when m3k is booted?
16:26:11yangover usb cable I mean
16:28:23yangusb A
16:29:02yangis there a "power on + USB" keypress?
16:32:00yangok found it
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20:03:44chris_sPictureFlow still seems a bit crash-happy and Valgrind points to an invalid read of size 8 at line 2314 where PictureFlow allocates its buflib buffers.
20:03:51chris_sIs there a way to systematically debug this or can this be due to any random buffer overflow?
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21:53:49chris_sactually, now that I think about it, it appears to only crash when accessing the track list (or after appending albums/tracks) – at least on device – so maybe there's a clue there
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22:25:42chris_sI don't know if I have the story straight yet, but it seems like the buflib allocation is called from the picture load thread, while the main pf thread calls buflib_buffer_out in create_track_index() to move the underlying buffer. I could imagine that causing problems with concurrent access... or maybe I'm on the wrong track
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