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#rockbox log for 2021-11-15

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01:52:53chris_s__builtin: thanks, that seems like a good idea, I'll upload a version using a mutex later
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13:07:09tertuso i assume unsigned long is 32 bit on all targets?
13:11:57tertualso would people be open to the idea of replacing the mersenne twister with a smaller state rng
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14:35:14munkis_bilgus: am i remembering correctly that you dddid something with the shortcut handler ~6mos ago?
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16:09:52_bilgusIts been ongoing but yeah what the problem?
16:12:19_bilgustertu pretty safe assumption @32bits
16:18:02_bilgusmunkis if its plugin related or menu related its probably me
16:19:08_bilgusthe shortcuts menu got a way to exit using the same action that entered (i think I noted it as being possibly problematic in the commit)
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19:14:56munkisfor some reason trying to open any file in a viewer from the shortcuts menu causes splashf(cant open) andd a return to the shortcut menu (inlcuding when I move from the shortcut location to a file in a different folder of a different type as a test)
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20:59:39_bilguslikely your lang file is out of sync try deleting plugin.dat
21:05:30_bilguswait anyfile?
21:05:54_bilgusmost files should just take you to the file browser
21:51:49_bilgusoh ok I see you said in a viewer how do you do that with the shortcut menu?
21:52:15_bilgusor do you mena you browse to the file from shortcut_menu and then run a viewer?
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23:04:38munkisfrom an end user perspective it appears that selecting a shortcut opens the file browser in that location (possibly with some settings set) which doesn't remember location on close.
23:05:03munkishowever since my last update said file viewer instance can't handle viewers
23:05:35munkis(my guess is it's not properly passing the to open string)
23:06:48_bilgusweird could you try with a clean install? for me it opens the sc browser instance then I select open with viewer
23:07:11_bilgusmunkis is that how you are doing it?
23:08:45_bilgusoh I guess i can select the file STD_OK same deal
23:09:26_bilgusare you activating the sc menu from the main menu (ROOT?)
23:10:25munkisthiss was the first update since before opening plugins ddirectly fromshortcuts was a thing
23:11:15_bilgusso you are not at head?
23:13:36munkisyeah issed all those shortcut fixes
23:14:24_bilgusthat wasn't actually from changes to the sc menu
23:14:32munkisit's a month oldd build
23:14:41_bilgusI made all the browsers exit before running plugins
23:15:04munkislet me rebase and retry
23:15:17_bilgusexcept for short lived things like the properties
23:15:45_bilgusI had a similar deal the other day after chris_s updated the lang ids
23:16:07_bilgusI fear i'll have to ADD VERSIONING
23:16:36_bilgusanyway the lang ids were off by one since I hashed on them
23:16:44_bilgusyeah that kinda sucks
23:16:52munkiswhy should lang mattr?
23:17:36_bilguswell instead of passing around ID2P(LANG_ID) i guess I need to pass around fixed strings
23:17:52_bilgusor add versioning
23:18:30_bilgusor just erase the plugin.dat file every update but that kinda sucks I really like the parameters I have set up for my plugins
23:21:56_bilgusI guess what I should do is have the ID2P expanded if it is being saved
23:22:20_bilgusthen it becomes independent of lang_id changes
23:23:54_bilgusthats not a big deal everything saved is user initiated hot keys etc except the start-up plugin
23:26:29_bilgusbasically open_plugin is a big database of hashed plugin paths those paths key to the parameters you save
23:26:56_bilgusthen when you run the plugin later it gets the parameters added automatically
23:27:28munkisrebuilding and upgradeing fixed it
23:27:41_bilgussince the buffer is already there for plugin_name, path and parameter I also reused them for core for temporary use
23:28:35_bilgusI basically am trying to centralize plugins and give a way to run them from other plugins, with parameters
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23:31:22_bilgusmunkis you should try previous screen it now works with plugins
23:31:57chris_sBy the way, the only thing I'm a little ambivalent about is is that when you're navigating to a folder using the Shortcuts menu, you can't then easily open one file after the other (unless I'm missing something) since it always ejects you back to the main menu. +
23:32:20_bilgusI think stuff that can save on shutdown and resume state would be neat
23:32:36_bilgusit doesn't dump you back to the shortcuts menu?
23:33:28chris_sOh yeah, Shortuts Menu, you're right
23:33:33_bilgusah its just yet another corner case on the sc menu
23:34:43_bilguswe can save state for damn near anything I just need to know where or what
23:36:09chris_sI'm a little surprised it works when you're using "Open With" instead, but I guess that doesn't use plugin_open?
23:36:32_bilguseh pretty sure it still does
23:36:58chris_shm, ok
23:37:25munkishow do you even get open with?
23:37:42chris_susing the context menu (long press select)
23:38:00munkisoh from bthe browser not the sc menu
23:38:25munkisI haave it mapped to a key there
23:40:20_bilgusyeah open with uses op
23:40:45_bilgusyeah the sc menu only has delete
23:40:55_bilgusI plan to eventually make it a folder
23:41:18_bilguseven if some of the folder needs mapped to ram
23:41:47_bilgusbut I want to run it through the already defined interfaces instead of it being a special hell
23:45:26_bilgusWe have so many static buffers laying around the code base but I bet fully 10% are in the shortcuts code
23:48:38_bilguschris_s I see what you are saying about running the plugin from the sc browser
23:48:59_bilgusit exits back to the sc menu instead of returning to the folder
23:49:24_bilgusI think instead if I made it use the inbuilt browser it solves that issue
23:49:55_bilgusbut atm I'm trying to hit another target but I'll get to it
23:50:01chris_s"inbuilt browser"?
23:50:25_bilgusath the sc menu makes its own browser instance
23:50:45_bilgusit doesn't use the onre in the root menu
23:51:06chris_sah ok, sounds good
23:51:08_bilgusnow why the openwith keeps the state properly IDK thats odd
23:51:58chris_sI was actually considering adding basic “change title” / “move item” / “add separator” submenu to the Shortcuts menu at some point – I guess that shouldn’t be too difficult – but sounds like the menu is not long for this world? :D (maybe I wouldn't have gotten to it anyway)
23:52:52chris_s(in terms of its current structure)
23:53:20_bilgusit might be that the .rock file doesn't save state but the open_with one does
23:53:45_bilguswell I have the do_menu stuff where you have folder nodes
23:54:40_bilgusit offers more configuration but I figured we could use the file browser on a (mostly?) in memory folder

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