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#rockbox log for 2021-11-16

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00:17:49munkisI personally prefer it as it's owwn instance
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00:28:45_bilguswould you settle for a plugin?
00:29:25_bilgusit could save its own state even using the inbuilt browser is there another reason?
00:32:09munkisI often use the file browser when I want to save the location and the shortcut browser as a file browser when I don't
00:37:14_bilgushmm so you like that it loses state
00:42:43_bilgusI'll keep that in mind and add a setting to make it forgetful
00:47:06_bilgusIIRC the file browser does that too with start_in or is there a separate setting too
00:48:17_bilgusdoesn't appear to be
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11:54:01nihilazoif I want to use rb->pcm_play_data() in a plugin, what format should the PCM data be in? I know I can get the hardware sample rate with &rb->hw_freq_sampr but is it 16 bit? 24 bit? etc
12:02:04speachyyou should probably use the dsp api instead
12:02:13speachybut PCM is always 16bpp currently
12:06:52nihilazohow do I use the dsp api?
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12:11:36uuaaeeiiHello. I apologize to bother you guys but something I am trying to clarify. A rockboxed ipod 5g with an sd card upgrade. By default rockbox uses fat32 or exfat?
12:12:08gevaertsNo "by default" about it. Rockbox uses fat32
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12:13:01uuaaeeiiAwesome! Thank you gevaerts. I thought so but I am just running into some difficulty mounting but that is due to my own faults.
12:13:51speachymixer_set_frequency(), mixer_channel_play_data(), etc
12:14:35nihilazomixer_set_frequency() sets the sameple rate, play_data() plays stuff
12:14:38speachyhave a look at apps/plugins/mikmod/mikmod.c
12:14:39nihilazowhat does the callback do?
12:14:45nihilazooh I'll have a look
12:14:52speachycallback is what's invoked when more data is needed
12:17:05nihilazoso it plays data starting from what it finds at start, for the length size, and then calls the callback when it needs more data?
12:17:15nihilazoor am I confused about this (sorry for noob questions)
12:17:17speachyyep, it's the same as the PCM api in that respect.
12:17:43braewoodssame principle as any IO processing abstraction
12:17:48braewoodswhether write/read or otherwise
12:18:17speachybut the mixer api allows for arbitrary PCM data, and it'll get munged as needed into the output format for the hardware. plus things like voiced menus etc will get overlaid on top of whatever's playing.
12:18:41speachybut ideally you'd utilize the same pcm data format/rate/etc as the hardware needs natively.
12:20:00nihilazoah that's useful to have and useful to know
12:24:45speachybut with an emulator you might not want to use the hw rate (or allow it to be configurable) because of resource limitations
12:25:11speachy(eg the midi player defaults to 22KHz on slower targets or with higher channel counts)
12:41:24speachythe intent is to completely remove the raw pcm api from plugins (and the whole core) but there are still some stragglers.
12:41:53speachy(ie make the raw pcm api only used by the mixer layer)
12:42:11speachythe dsp stuff also works via the mixer IIRC.
12:43:03speachy(eg surround enhancement, equalization, etc)
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14:42:05bilgus_phChris_s do you have a greyscale device to test on?
14:42:42bilgus_phWith that pf splash bug could you try giving the main vp the same buffer as grey
14:43:36bilgus_phI bet when splash shows it grabs the current vp buffer and grey might be causing issues with that
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14:52:26bilgus_phNevermind looking at grey_core ln 642 this is a known issue
14:53:40bilgus_phProbably should be setup to block those fns when active rather than rediscovering the issue
14:54:51nihilazoa couple questions about the mixer api: a lot of the functions have an argument `enum pcm_mixer_channel channel`, what should I use there in my plugin?
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14:55:35nihilazothat's the only question actually
14:56:39nihilazoOK I guess I use PCM_MIXER_CHAN_PLAYBACK
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15:38:49speachyamachronic: btw, after the latest usb fixes on the x3 upon insertion I'm getting an immediate panic due to a null ctrl resp.
15:38:58speachy(or was it ctrl req?)
15:39:13speachy(yeah, I know I promised to convert the jz47xx usb driver properly...)
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17:57:13tertui should see if i can find my x1mk1 sometime...
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19:03:58speachytertu: fiio x?
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20:27:33speachyit would be nice to get the wip port merged in. I picked up one a few years ago but it turned out to have a bad rotary encoder
20:27:53speachypretty much unobtanium now though, so I don't know if there's much point in trying to do the port
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23:25:54tertuit'd be nice for everybody stuck with the god-awful ofw
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