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#rockbox log for 2021-11-24

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10:31:10PaulFertserHey folks :) Is "Surfans F20" a reasonable choice if I'm looking for something "hifi" supported by a native port?
10:37:09PaulFertserI currently have sandisk sansa e200 and it has that annoying background hum that also depends on reading/decoding somehow.
10:42:13PaulFertserI have Etymotic Research HF-5 headphones which I assume quite basic.
11:28:57speachyPaulFertser: yep, the "eros q native" port will run on that just fine. no dual boot yet though
11:31:53PaulFertserspeachy: that doesn't bother me, I do not want to run proprietary filth anyway :)
11:36:57PaulFertserAre there probably other ways to solve this task?
11:38:54PaulFertserAh, and one more thing: I do not want to be buying anything from a company that violates GPL. IIRC new xdoo players are not acceptable due to that.
11:41:15speachythat pretty much excludes everyone.
11:41:50speachyeven FiiO, who at least _attempts_ to follow the GPL, doesn't ship sources that correspond to the binaries on the player.
11:42:46PaulFertserThat's sad :/ so I guess only a second-hand unit is morally acceptable then.
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11:49:39PaulFertserAny other reasonably recent "hifi" devices worth considering? Or just those in ./firmware/target/mips/ingenic_x1000 basically?
11:54:04speachyI'm a fan of hte original xduoo x3 too, but yeah, all of the recent additions are x1000
11:54:38speachyputting those aside, the best bets are hdd-based ipods as there's no flash to wear out.
11:57:43PaulFertserMany thanks for the insights! I'm using rockbox for many years and quite happy with it, kudos to all the devs involved.
11:59:41dconradhow are the ibasso DX50/DX90? Aren't those relatively recent?
11:59:59dconradthough I think they're hosted ports
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12:02:10PaulFertserdconrad: I'd rather use old sansas than any hosted port unless the vendor firmware is running proper upstream Linux...
12:03:42dconradgotcha, well that rules them out then
12:05:43PaulFertserSo my options are second-hand MIPS xduoo x3 or one of the xburst x1000 devices, I see.
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12:30:31tertui have one of the eros q clones and it works pretty well
12:34:13PaulFertsertertu: with the native port?
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13:18:55tertui might try a newer daily build because there have been some issues with USB
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19:31:51amachronichuh. no error logs?
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20:26:58speachycomplete builder failure
20:27:16speachyI'll bet it was one of mine.
20:30:27speachyyep, it was. though I'm not sure wtf happened, as the logs seem to indicate success.
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20:31:39speachymanually running the builds worked
20:34:21speachyon both of my builders with android support
20:37:43speachyok, all three of my builders are able to build those targets.
20:37:50speachyso... dunno what happened.
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