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#rockbox log for 2021-11-27

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09:19:17speachypetur: Did you fix your buildclient's SDL issues?
09:19:46peturprobably not, please tell me what needs to be done
09:22:56speachybasically try to build a simulator or even checkwps target
09:23:36speachy(manually, I mean)
09:24:00speachyIIRC your builder wasn't even making it through the configure script successfully
09:24:22peturI'll check...
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11:50:57peturspeachy: fixed SDL and rebuild the other toolchains as they were outdated, it's up and ready now. Also changed clientname, assuming that doesn't matter?
12:08:09speachypetur: thanks! since you changed the client name there's no need to unblock you, but I'll do it later today
12:09:27peturah it looked like it connected already so the block is name-based. You can remove the old name... I'll keep an eye on it when a new commit comes
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15:30:51amachronicis it possible to push tags to the main repo through gerrit?
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17:46:20speachyamachronic: in a word, yes −− but I think it's only enabled for folks in the "release committers" group
17:49:56speachy...of which you are now a member of
17:50:12speachy(the only difference is the power to create/push tags)
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19:22:27amachronicspeachy: thanks, I just wanted to tag the bootloader releases
19:22:38amachronic(something I should've done a while ago)
19:32:43amachronicok, let's see if it works
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19:46:53amachronic.. and there they are.
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22:30:20annoying_questioAnyone here?
22:32:06braewoodsannoying_questio: nope, we're all just part of an elaborate hallucination :P
22:32:36annoying_questio😁 my favorite!
22:33:09annoying_questioThen my dear hallucinations, you will give me good answers to my question!
22:34:00annoying_questioI'm sure it's asked a million times but I'm having a hard time pining down the answer
22:34:13braewoodsdid you try using staples? :P
22:34:43annoying_questioI smashed my head repeatedly into the screen...
22:35:55annoying_questioAre there any available-to-purchase-that-dont-cost-a-small-fortune mp3 players that support rockbox
22:36:19braewoodsso, brand new stuff?
22:36:30annoying_questioMy Sansa clip....(the third) kinda ...melted...
22:36:50annoying_questioYes. Even if it's not fully supported...
22:37:27braewoodsif i'm being frank, not really. the supplies are short. speachy knows the modern front better. i mostly have focused on older hardware that can be modified to still be relevant.
22:37:48braewoodsif there's anything really, speachy would know.
22:38:24annoying_questioIs there anything used that doesn't cost a fortune? A used clip costs several hu ndreddollars
22:38:50braewoodsdepends what you're looking for
22:39:15braewoodsi know a fair number of choices
22:39:24braewoodsbut most of 'em are bigger than the sansa
22:39:29annoying_questioPlays files. Reads txt. Lua scripts. SD card.
22:39:53annoying_questioSize isn't so important. I have big pockets. Just empty ones.
22:40:15braewoodsebay is probably your best option if you're willing to wait until some stuff shows up
22:40:32braewoodsxduoo x3 is newer than the clip+, aluminum shell
22:40:38braewoods2x micro sd card slots
22:40:43braewoodsno internal storage for stuff
22:41:00braewoodsit pops up sometimes on ebay still
22:41:05braewoodsi have 2 of them
22:41:36braewoodsi think it's speachy's daily driver still
22:41:45braewoodsit kinda resembles a bar phone
22:41:59braewoodsvery simple screen, oled monochrome
22:42:38annoying_questioI've been hunting. But it's still usually over a hundred dollars. right?
22:42:48braewoodsactually less than 100 usd typically
22:42:50braewoodsmore like 70.
22:42:55braewoodswhen i've seen it.
22:43:47braewoodsgood grief, are these people mad?
22:43:54braewoodsover 100 for the iriver h120?
22:44:28annoying_questioUmm...short answer...yes...utterly crazy!
22:44:30braewoodsthe coldfire iriver stuff is OK. no sd card.
22:44:37braewoodsif you can find one at a decent price.
22:44:50braewoodsthe internal storage is upgradeable to unknown upper limits.
22:45:06braewoodsit's fairly fast, around 13MB/s with CF cards that are any good
22:46:38annoying_questioI don't see any. But anyways I kinda need sd.
22:46:40braewoodsi saw this when i was browing a moment ago.
22:46:58braewoodsi think it's the older agptek rocker
22:47:02braewoodsi usually forget about these
22:47:07braewoodsbecause they've become so rare
22:48:05annoying_questioStill like $100 :-(
22:48:28braewoodslet me see what else i can find
22:49:36annoying_questioIs there anything I can do to expand the rockbox market?
22:50:34braewoodsthere's only one way to do that really. port rockbox to hardware with more availability but that's a hard ask.
22:51:14braewoodslet me think a moment.
22:51:53braewoodsannoying_questio: how much space do you expect to need?
22:52:23annoying_questioNot much if it has sd.
22:52:50braewoodsyou can look at some other older Sansas... to be honest it's mostly Sansas or a few newer ports that use sd cards
22:53:13braewoodsthe e200 series doesn't seem super popular
22:55:00braewoodsiirc, the e200 and c200 series have easily replaced batteries as well
22:55:12braewoodsannoying_questio: what happened to your clip+ anyway?
22:56:27annoying_questioIt literally kind melted. I wrote a Lua program for spreadsheets
22:57:04annoying_questioYes. But to the point that it burned me
22:57:27annoying_questioI assume it didn't like my coding skills
22:57:30braewoodsyou may want to try something more powerful then
22:57:42braewoodsthose things are pretty underpowered
22:58:08braewoodsfiio m3k is a port i've seen tossed around a lot
22:58:14braewoodsit's our fastest port to date
22:58:18braewoodsaside from
22:58:21braewoodshosted builds
22:58:24braewoodson PCs
22:59:04braewoodsm3k was originaly around 60
22:59:09braewoodsbut it's become harder to find
22:59:27annoying_questioLooks like I can get one for $65
23:00:42annoying_questioOh! Not working! :-(
23:00:49braewoodswhat isn't?
23:01:01braewoodsi see
23:01:23braewoodswhat market are you in?
23:01:29braewoodsmight help with locating sellers
23:01:40braewoodsgeographically anyway
23:03:46braewoodsgiven your host mask i'd guess US market. comcast is mainly US ISP last I heard
23:04:35 Quit annoying_questio (Quit: Connection closed)
23:06:48braewoodsok... i was going to see if i could sell them one of my overstock units
23:07:11braewoodsoh well they left
23:09:46 Join annoying_questio [0] (
23:10:01annoying_questioUmm... What happened?
23:10:34braewoodsannoying_questio: it said connection closed. i assumed you left by choice.
23:10:56braewoodscheck the log to see what i last said.
23:10:59annoying_questioNo. Maybe bad connection. We got snow!
23:12:19annoying_questioCould be the weather? We have snow?
23:12:25braewoodsno idea
23:12:39annoying_questioYou have a unit? Which? How much?
23:13:21braewoodsI have one iriver H120 left. I'm not using it anymore; I mainly purchased it for development of the new bootloader release last year.
23:13:55braewoodsIt's been modded to use a CF card.
23:14:01braewoods64GB is currently installed.
23:14:12braewoodsno sd card due to the age
23:14:30braewoodsit's in great condition all things considered
23:14:37braewoodsnot super fast
23:14:45braewoodsgood enough for music playback
23:15:01braewoodslike 120 mhz 68k cpu
23:16:16annoying_questioDoesn't sound like it'll work for me
23:16:26braewoodswhy do you need sd cards?
23:16:31annoying_questioThanks though
23:16:36braewoodsyou need to remove cards on the fly?
23:17:14braewoodsi do have one spare xduoo x3
23:17:17_bilguselua runs on esp platform
23:17:33braewoodsit has 2 micro sd card slots
23:17:42_bilgusput a sd reader and screen on it does it need to be covert?
23:18:23annoying_questioI'll be back soon
23:18:26_bilgusthe x3 is a nice unit but
23:21:40 Quit annoying_questio (Quit: Connection closed)
23:22:44_bilgusmelted down sounds like a liion issue to me
23:23:16braewoods_bilgus: given what they told us, i suspect the xduoo x3 is the only option due to dual sd cards. if you use rockbox with multiboot on Sansa you can't just hotplug sd cards.
23:23:21_bilgusthe battery is the heatsink on those units
23:24:38_bilgusI think you can if you swap while lua is running
23:24:54_bilgusits all in ram then switch back before exit
23:24:59braewoodsmaybe, i just assume it would be no buena
23:25:46_bilgusit takes longer than I like even while music is playing to realize your sd card went flying
23:26:46 Join annoying_questio [0] (
23:26:55_bilgusbut yeah good point it would be perfect for the use case
23:27:14_bilgushopefully the metal heatsinks it was well
23:27:38braewoodsannoying_questio: i think the only option is the xduoo x3 assuming you can live with its other features
23:28:03braewoodsit has a green monochrome screen
23:28:18braewoods2x micro sd cards so you can swap one out
23:28:30braewoodsi do have one i bought earlier in the year
23:29:26annoying_questioI can deal with the screen
23:29:38annoying_questioHow much do they run?
23:29:53braewoodslet's see, they don't show up too often
23:30:25braewoodslast one sold in early october ish
23:30:45braewoodsoh lmao
23:30:48braewoodsit's the one i bought
23:32:00braewoodsi got busy with my battery projects and forgot to come back to it
23:32:15_bilgusid say $100 is a fair price
23:32:42braewoodsrealistically they often pop up for like 60-80 used
23:32:46braewoodswhen they do
23:33:01 Quit annoying_questio (Quit: Connection closed)
23:33:13braewoodsgood thing for that web log
23:33:26_bilgusI have one I traded speachy for a new clip zip
23:35:00 Join annoying_questio [0] (
23:35:28braewoodsannoying_questio: i assume these random sd cards won't have rockbox installed?
23:35:30braewoodson them
23:36:00braewoodsthe main issue here is
23:36:09annoying_questioThey could if I put it ther
23:36:12braewoodsmany rockbox devices with sd cards are single card only
23:36:22braewoodsand they must have rockbox installed on them
23:36:30braewoodsif you want to swap safely you have to shutdown first
23:36:41braewoodsafaik rockbox only supports hotswap if it's not booted from the sd crd
23:37:31braewoodsdoes that make sense?
23:37:45braewoodsthis is also true of Sansas if you're using a modern bootloader with multiboot
23:37:56braewoodsit boots from SD card to extend the lifespan of your player's internal flash
23:39:12 Quit annoying_questio (Client Quit)
23:39:58_bilgusold cell phones have sd slot
23:40:07_bilgusi bet a few can run lua
23:40:20braewoodsthat too but they came here so i assumed they wanted a rockbox answer
23:40:35_bilgusgiving multiple..
23:40:59_bilgusI wonder if a really old android phone could still run the port
23:41:11braewoodsno diea
23:41:28_bilgusmaybe annoying q will become the android saviour
23:42:20braewoods_bilgus: do you use bench power supplies?
23:42:26_bilgusi'm pleased they used the lua port to data process but i bet the screen made that stuff terribly small
23:42:40_bilgusI have 2 but they are in storage
23:43:01braewoodsi was considering getting one since i have none and could use one for random projects some of the time
23:43:13braewoodsthere's some really tiny ones compared to the larger ones like the toolkitrc P200
23:43:53braewoodsonly sacrifice i can tell is it limits how much total power it can output
23:46:00braewoodsmostly battery related stuff since you need very fine grained CV for that
23:46:46_bilgusbeing that its usually a fixed set of ranges maybe a set of dedicated boards would be better
23:47:07_bilgusthen have a pot on it and allow .5v range or so
23:47:33_bilgusand for the prices they could probably already have a lcd for voltage on it
23:48:13braewoodswouldn't that still need a power source such a AC-DC converter?
23:48:49 Join annoying_questio [0] (
23:48:50_bilgusyeah a wall wart to get you down to the range likely
23:49:09braewoodsin any case the main use case i have for now is using one to top balance a lifepo4 cell pack i'm working on
23:49:14_bilgus12v seems a likely target
23:49:37annoying_questioSounds like it would have helped my clip
23:49:56braewoodsannoying_questio: yea, provided you can live with the swap limitation
23:50:03_bilgusannoying_questio, i think you likely fried your lipo with the heat of the cpu
23:51:53braewoodsif you must swap to sd cards that have not been specially prepped before hand
23:51:57annoying_questioYes I cold deal with that...
23:51:59braewoodsxduoo x3 is the only real option
23:52:05braewoodsotherwise you have more choices
23:52:32braewoodsprobably best to look at the available Sansa devices
23:52:40braewoodsthe other micro sd stuff is newer but far rarer
23:52:52braewoodssome Sansa stuff is still reasonably priced
23:54:15braewoodsthe e200 and c200 seems pretty sane still
23:54:17braewoodsbut older stuff
23:54:23braewoodsswappable battery
23:55:07 Quit annoying_questio (Quit: Connection closed)

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