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#rockbox log for 2021-12-02

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09:32:52speachyHey, as a heads-up: I got an email from fosshost; they're appaently needing to move all VMs from a certian facility to another one, and this includes ours.
09:33:47speachyhopefully the downtime won't exceed a couple of hours (basically the time it takes to transfer the VM images)
09:34:11speachyI'll pass on additional info as I learn it.
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17:32:46chris_sg4013 (pictureflow, inifinite loop) isn't exactly a "solution" to be proud of, but I think it's better than nothing as an interim fix unless someone is willing and able to attack the problem at its source. I may have another go at it some point in the future but, realistically, not right now.
17:32:52chris_sThe patch reliably prevents Rockbox from (essentially) crashing and should pretty successfully mask the original problem...
17:32:59chris_sAdmittedly, the issue is easier to trigger after applying g3958, but you definitely run into it even before that, so I think it needs fixing in any case.
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18:08:01speachyhmm. why is pictureflow even being built for the clip/clip+/x3 ?
18:08:14speachyon those tiny monochrome screens it's kinda pointless
18:11:44speachyhmm, it's keyed off HAVE_TAGCACHE
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18:25:36chris_sspeachy: sorry about that, and thanks for fixing the red – if nothing else, it might be useful for quickly selecting another track from an album, idk... Didn't Bilgus say he used to run it on a Clip?
18:25:56speachyclip zip, maybe? (that has a color screen)
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18:33:09speachytagcache has benefits if there's enough RAM, but pictureflow being visual and all that..
18:33:30speachybut eh, whatever.
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18:39:15chris_syeah, fwiw, it looks surprisingly good on the iPods' 4bit grayscale screen despite its incredibly slow response time, but I guess that's already luxurious compared to the Clip's smaller 1 bit screen :D
18:41:00speachyIIRC it was decently responsive on the x3, but 600MHz of CPU (and gslib) cures many woes. :)
18:41:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0f12a77d60, 303 builds, 11 clients.
18:41:37speachyd'oh, forgot to submit it
18:48:05chris_sha, I meant the display response time though. I have no complaints about the speed on the grayscale iPods (maybe thanks to gslib like you've mentioned) – it's sloooow on the (color screen) iPod video though that I think (?) basically use the same chip as the grayscale iPods which is probably asking a bit much of it
18:48:33speachythe earlier ipods are pretty slow in general, yeah.
18:49:12speachythere are some war stories from the original developers that talk about the craziness they went through to get enough performance out of 'em to be viable.
18:49:24speachy(apple developers, that is)
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18:53:06chris_spretty incredible, lmk if you have any links, that would be super interesting to read about
18:56:02chris_salthough I guess not more incredible than what many of you guys are doing :D
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19:51:37speachyone more fix..
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20:22:37chris_s:/ thanks again
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20:40:22speachyno worries. this is why we have the build farm. :)
20:43:58speachyI'd like to land 4030 and 3980 too, if you can rebase them. 3973 too, maybe, though I need to understand what it's doing first.
20:45:15speachyI think "prefer image file" is probably the wisest default option for 3973 fwiw.
20:46:51speachy...I'm way behind on my code review duties. to say nothing of advancing my own halfway-to-WIP patches.
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