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#rockbox log for 2021-12-03

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14:57:45SomeoneAny way to make a rock box native using raspberry pi pico?
14:58:58SomeoneI have very little experience, but would be happy for a simple functional thing!
14:59:24SomeoneAnd it will for sure be cheaper then buying a new Sansa clip!
15:00:25SomeoneThe pico is like $4? Add a sound thing, tiny screen, battery, printed case... And sw
15:00:33PaulFertserSomeone: it was discussed recently: not enough RAM
15:02:09PaulFertserSomeone: are you happy with your sansa?
15:02:22SomeoneHow much ram is needed? The zero has like 512?
15:03:11SomeoneI liked my Sansa, but she had a terrible, untimely death!
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15:06:38SomeoneSo the zero has 512 MB...
15:10:06sporkyou asked about the nano
15:10:28sporkeither way, there is no rockbox for such devices at this time
15:10:50sporkthere could be, but then someone has to put in the effort
15:12:21SomeoneAny way to help/encourage something? I'm not very k
15:13:05PaulFertserSomeone: unlikely. If you're ok with sansa clip quality just get another one.
15:14:46braewoods256k of RAM isn't nearly enough
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15:15:44braewoodswe could probably get by with less than 32MB but this is way too little
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15:18:02somebodyelseThe zero has 512MB. And it goes up from there
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17:41:15speachySomeone/somebodyelse: The RPi Pico is built around a microcontroller, and has ~256KB RAM.
17:43:05speachy(with a Cortex-M0+ running at 133MHz) −− whereas the rest of the family has at least an ARM11 processor running at least at 600MHz, 512MB of RAM, and so forth.
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18:05:30braewoodsspeachy: are 3D printed cases any good? i was thinking those might work for prototyping.
18:06:08speachynothing wrong with 'em, though fine detail doesn't always work
18:07:58braewoodsi'm considering looking at the SDL port in the future. i was thinking integration with native Linux stack might be helpful for future ports if we're going to be running as a Linux application; could be like XBMC in a sense
18:08:26braewoodsoh wait it's called Kodi today
18:09:12braewoodsbut probably not a bad idea to port to the newer SDL library
18:15:28speachySDL1->2 isn't much of a PITA, given that we don't do anything complicated.
18:15:38speachymain difference for us would be in how we set up the display window.
18:16:55braewoodsi see
18:17:04braewoodsi still think the switch is a good idea in the long run though
18:17:23braewoodsit also gives us stuff like wayland support
18:17:41braewoodsgradually replacing X11
18:18:23braewoodsnot sure if that benefits us much beyond retaining compatibility
18:28:02speachySDL always insulated us from X11 directly, but yeah.
18:28:44speachy(SDL2's display API is different than SDL1 −− it's more of a display list approach that can benefit from acceleration vs what is essentially just a dumb framebuffer plus GL bolted onto the side)
18:46:12speachy...we could in theory map our viewport API over to SDL2 natively.
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