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#rockbox log for 2021-12-04

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15:18:10whatevs111[m]hey folks, is fuze+ worthy to grab in late 2021?
15:20:29whatevs111[m]can't find nothing better around $30
15:22:57PaulFertserIf your headphones are not too sensitive then why not.
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15:52:31_bilgusfuze+ touch screen sucks but versus no rb totally doable mine seems to have issues of killing the battery while off but might be from riding in my truck for years
15:53:18_bilgusit is quite a capable device though fun to play plugins on
15:54:16_bilgusas the battery swells I could see it pressing on the Touchpad and causing issues but hasn't happened yet
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16:27:20wsalebellium: are you at the keyboard?
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17:34:03braewoodswhatevs111[m]: it works but probably not the best long term option; the battery can't be easily replaced
17:42:16braewoodsand given the age the battery is probably going to be somewhat worn out from age even if it wasn't heavily used
17:42:46braewoodsthe sansa e200 / c200 stuff at least have modular batteries so you can pop them out easily.
17:43:02braewoodsbut really it's about what you can accept as far as trade offs go
17:56:23wsalebellium: if you could check the forum because I have a question about your really nice Samsung-like themes
17:56:42wsalebellium: Hope you are still around :) Thanks!
18:02:35lebelliumwsa: haven't done that for quite a long time but I can have a look tomorrow :) I thought I already added RDS support to my Clip+ theme but maybe it was only an unreleased version (to test the old Clip RDS patch which didn't work)
18:02:51lebelliumdid you check my RDS code for the other themes like the Clip Zip ?
18:03:19wsalebellium: yes, I used this as a base, but it didn't incude %tz, so I added it unconditionally
18:04:18wsabut my gut feeling says this is not a good idea
18:05:40lebelliumhum ok, I'll check that tomorrow and reply to you here or on the forums. Tonight I drunk to much to work on that :D
18:08:38wsacool, thank you for looking into it after all these years! Much appreciated
18:11:45wsathe RDS code for Clip+ is already upstream, so you could use daily builds if you want to test yourself
18:12:01wsaanyhow, time to call it a day for me
18:12:05wsathanks again!
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18:18:10devmr02hello, any of you using rockbox for audiobooks?
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19:55:03speachydevmr02: it's about all I use it for.
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