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#rockbox log for 2021-12-05

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04:22:44paulcarroty@whatevs111 @braewoods I'd say way easier than smartphone:
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06:26:19braewoodspaulcarroty: Fuze+, not Fuze
06:26:56paulcarroty@braewoods that's +
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08:30:33meehoocan anyone help me with a rockbox issue?
08:33:18meehooI've got a sansa clip plus rockboxed a few years ago. it freezes while launching. all i can see is a welcome rockbox logo frozen
08:33:35PaulFertsermeehoo: have you tried holding the button to load vendor firmware?
08:33:58meehoohow does one do that?
08:34:13speachy... other things −− what rb version is running (eg 3.15 release or dev build
08:34:16PaulFertsermeehoo: on my e200 I need to hold the left button before powering it on.
08:35:33meehoospeachy, I'm not sure but I guess I used RockboxUtility-v1.3.1 to install rockbox on my clip plus
08:36:36speachyit's proably the 3.15 release but I'd repeat the installation process using rbutil 1.4
08:36:40meehooPaulFertser, it does work with vendor firmware
08:36:44meehooso what? ;/
08:37:51meehooi cant reinstall newer version of rockbox when i connect my player to my pc because rockbox utility doesn't 'see' my player
08:38:11speachyboot into the vendor firmware, then rbutil will see it.
08:38:16PaulFertsermeehoo: when you have the bootloader installed you can just overwrite rockbox files using vendor firmware, no need to install anything.
08:38:46*PaulFertser never used rbutil , is it mandatory now?
08:39:03speachyno, but it greatly simplifies installation.
08:39:34speachyit's also possible the older rbutil doesn't know how to install newer bootloader versions. just a guess on my part.
08:39:47meehoonow please instruct me on how to do this
08:40:05speachythere's nothing I can add that isn't in the rockbox manual
08:43:05meehooi've downloaded rockboxutility 1.4.1. you're saying it will recognise my player while launched with vendor firmware?
08:43:42PaulFertserI remember having used some special utility to install the bootloader but was fairly straightforward. And it wasn't required to install rockbox itself.
08:44:55meehoowhat utility?
08:45:50PaulFertsermeehoo: really, everything there's in the official manual.
08:46:06meehoook, then i'll look at the manual
08:46:14meehoothank you
08:49:14PaulFertsermeehoo: I just used sansapatcher to deal with the bootloader, I could never understand what rbutil adds to that.
08:49:53meehoothere's hope... rockboxutility found my device but in mtp mode
08:50:05speachyPaulFertser: a gui that doesn't require cmdline fiddling, and doing everything else automagically. :)
08:50:09meehoowill I find in the manual how to change it to msc mode?
08:50:57PaulFertserspeachy: that sounds actually scary rather than comforting :)
08:51:14PaulFertsermeehoo: in the official sansa manual I guess
08:51:29PaulFertsermeehoo: or just wander through the menus randomly till you find it
08:52:11meehooyou mean the menus in the player itself?
08:52:41meehoohave just learnt that there's no mtp mode with rockbox installed
08:53:02meehoobut I launched my player with vendor firmware
08:54:42PaulFertsermeehoo: yes
09:01:33meehooPaulFertser, I changed to msc, but when I try to install rockbox i must browse for bootloader file
09:01:46meehoois it downloadable from the rockbox site?
09:04:01speachyno, you have to get that from sandisk.
09:06:05meehoooh yes, my clip plus works again !
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09:09:29meehoogotta go, cu guys
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09:43:08meehooso happy to see my old sansa working again
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11:23:03lebelliumhum I wanted to update my Clip+ theme but there is an error with the confirmation email : "Email verification
11:23:03lebellium / An error occured. Please recheck the URL you followed."
11:23:09lebelliumcan someone help me with that?
11:24:02lebelliumnevermind, the theme got updated despite the error
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12:05:02lebelliumwsa: regarding RDS for Clip+ I replied to you on the forums ;)
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14:23:37devmr01hello, rockbox can only play formats that the device can decode?
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14:24:14devmr01i cant play m4a on a xduoo x3ii
14:25:10devmr01sorry, its an m4b format
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14:35:05sporkwhat rockbox can play has no relation to what the original firmware can play
14:36:16devmr01hmm strange its an audiobook in mpeg aac format
14:36:28devmr01as reported by vlc
14:36:54devmr01it trys to open the file but instantly quits
14:39:56sporkmaybe it has drm ?
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14:40:50devmr01it plys fine in vlc, how can i know, i also noticed it has as subtitles track
14:41:16sporkwhat audio has subtitles ?
14:41:31sporkit will not have drm, then it would not play
14:41:41devmr01yes there is a tx3g track
14:43:14devmr01its an audiobook from librivox, i gues its fancy
14:44:00sporkm4b works on my fiio m3k
14:44:11sporkchapters will not work, mp4 headers can be a mess
14:44:33devmr01maybe that it, il try to convert it
14:44:49sporkwhich file are you trying to play ?
14:47:20devmr01what do you mean wich files?
14:47:45sporkfrom librivox. i can download it and try if it plays for me
14:47:57sporkor a developer can download it and tell you why not
14:48:29devmr01oh, horace kephart - camping and woodcraft
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14:51:21devmr01also i noticed 2 strange things on my x3ii with rockbox
14:52:11devmr011 when i charge it on a usb phone charger, rockbox eters in data connection
14:52:15speachylebellium: I'll check to see what went wrong with the themesite update
14:53:00devmr012 it charges very slowly, like 10%/hour
14:53:18speachydevmr01: some particularly large mp4 (==m4b) files fail to parse properly
14:53:44devmr01its 180mb but 6 hours long
14:53:54speachywe literally run out of RAM. this is most evident on RAM-limited targets, including the x3ii.
14:54:11speachy(their hosted nature means we have a lot less to play with than would otherwise be expected)
14:54:33speachydevmr01: I personally just work around that by coverting the m4b to mp3.
14:56:13devmr01doing that now
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14:58:49sporkdid you try to set charging to 'force' ?
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15:07:16_bilgusdevmr it could likely be the charger depending on the method it uses to se charge current
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15:07:50_bilguslike the old <= 1A ones used nothing or just pullups on the data lines
15:08:18devmr01its an old galaxy 5 charger
15:08:41devmr012.8a or something
15:08:46_bilguswas gonna say samsung as an example of someone who led the charger stuff
15:08:59_bilgustry something older like 1A or <
15:09:37_bilgusthos smartphones were playing with their own rules prior to usb C
15:10:21_bilgusnook even went as far as having a dal connector IIRC
15:13:39devmr01i thin i need something better than vlc to convert
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15:14:27devmr01it cant do vbr or i cant see the options
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15:24:40_bilguswhy not cbr?
15:25:38_bilgusor opus or flac even
15:26:08devmr01lol the source seems to be 32kbps...
15:26:16devmr01its an audiobook
15:26:43devmr01i just need to understand it it packs 6h+ in less then 200Mb
15:35:20devmr01off toic rant: i must be the only person on this planet that likes to listen to audiobooks while running and finds smartphones to bulky
15:36:43devmr01i "invested" in the x3ii for that, but not just
15:37:38devmr01i think il will end up buying some old small form factor android phone
15:52:25devmr01it works if i convert to ogg
16:04:46paulcarroty@devmr01, use opus, way better than vorbis/mp3/aac
16:11:06paulcarrotyas encoder the best is probably ffmpeg, don't forget about `-application voip`
16:12:03devmr01is there any other way to increas playback speed other than pitch?
16:17:48devmr01found it
16:18:13devmr01i have to enable timestretch
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17:08:51devmr01take care and gn
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18:55:53lebelliumspeachy: got the same email error again for a new theme but it worked anyway
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