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#rockbox log for 2021-12-07

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06:05:36paulcarrotyheyxo @_bilgus, do you use your fuze+ with release or dev build?
06:42:09sporki dare to guess that _bilgus is cutting edge
06:54:56speachyyeah, unless there's a DamnGoodReason(tm) to use the release build, dev build is generally far superior.
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09:45:42paulcarrotyI got fuze+ 8gb for about 1/4 ebay price and device is like new. For real, this is the mini Christmas miracle 🎄
09:56:23paulcarrotyworking fine with dev build, touch is too responsive, maybe x3 vs sansa firmware.
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10:15:50meehooi've a problem with autoresume on sansa clip + rockboxed...cant find the option to turn it off anywhere in the settings or the internet
10:15:59meehoodoes anyone here know where to find it?
10:16:02meehooplease help
10:26:14_bilguspaulcarroty, my fuze+ hasn't been in my truck in at least a year but my clip zip has something close to head
10:28:50_bilgusmeehoo, Main Menu>Settings>General Settings>Automatic Resume. also look in startup/shutdown and make sure its not set to Resume Playback or Previous Screen
10:33:19meehoo_bilgus, thanks a lot
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17:26:24lebellium__speachy: I just fixed KiwiCam's ALiEn theme for Clip Zip which was broken and disappeared from the theme site and wanted to re-upload my fixed version but it says "A theme with the name 'ALiEn' already exists for this target. "
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17:27:49speachythemeid 1595, apparently
17:28:45lebelliumso they are only partially deleted in database?
17:28:46speachyauthor hasn't verified, plus it doesn't work due to a busted zip file.
17:29:01speachyIIRC stuff that's not verified doesn't get presented
17:29:11speachygiven that it's groken, I'll just delete it.
17:29:55lebelliumI think this is rather due to your deletion of all broken themes. Author is famous and verified and the theme was up for years
17:30:19speachyit also was listed as downloaded 0 times
17:30:24speachyso... dunno
17:30:40speachywhen I took over the themesite it was pretty creaky
17:31:56speachyI'm pretty sure I only deleted old, supersceded versions, plus some that were simply broken (in the "the file on disk is unrecoverable") sense.
17:33:29lebellium -> there used to be many themes labelled as "doesn't work with current build", now there is not a single one so I think you deleted more than what you think
17:34:04speachylooking at the audit log, everything I deleted was already marked as hidden
17:34:48speachythe frontend does hide broken themes
17:35:17speachy(as in "doesn't display them", not "hidden" in the "theme status" sense)
17:35:56speachythere are 6 clip zip themes not displayed due to not working with current builds
17:36:14lebelliumMaybe there are several levels of broken themes because many themes were labelled as "doesn't work with current build" but "works with this old release"
17:36:15speachyah, including another version of ALiEn
17:36:58lebelliumoh 1692 !
17:37:11speachy15K downloads
17:38:03lebelliumthat's the one I just fixed
17:38:18lebellium"doesn't work with current builds"
17:38:48lebelliumso at some point someone decided to hide those themes
17:39:45lebelliumI think we shouldn't hide broken themes
17:40:34speachythe problem there is.. folks download them, players break/crash.
17:41:54speachyI don't see anything in the log about an updated version uploaded. perhaps because you're not the "owner"?
17:41:59lebelliumthey should be hidden in Rockbox Utility but not on the theme website I think. People can read the red warning
17:42:19speachyhmm. I think the two use the same db query
17:42:34speachy(been a while since I went spelunking into this code. I try to avoid PHP...)
17:42:44lebelliumI thought the original theme was deleted. But as it was just hidden, that means I need KiwiCam to upload my fixed version...
17:43:18lebelliumit would be better to keep his download count, he deserves it
17:44:04lebelliumthat also probaby means that the TI83 theme I uploaded yesterday is also a duplicate, I assume the original broken theme is just hidden...
17:44:22lebelliumbut most likely I gave it a slightly different name
17:44:44speachywhat was the original called?
17:44:56lebelliumI don't know, it's hidden ;)
17:45:01speachyah, I see, TI-83
17:45:07lebelliumprobably TI-83 instead of TI83 ?
17:45:13speachy1674, works with current build supposedly.
17:45:48lebellium is a dead link
17:46:17speachyah, I stand corrected
17:46:26speachythere's a logic bug somewhere
17:47:42speachyTI-83 was administratively hidden, with a comment as to why.
17:48:24speachythat was doe back in 2014, by kugel
17:48:57speachybefore that it had been reported as broken.. in 2013.
17:51:22lebelliumI assume kugel hid it because it was broken and at that time, broken themes were not automatically hidden.
17:52:18lebelliumI don't think it's upon the author request because I emailed him in 2014 and he gave me the permission to fix his theme, which I didn't do until yesterday
17:54:30speachyhmm, I didn't make the changes to hide themes based on checkwps failures. that seems to have been there for quite some time
17:54:50lebelliummay be. I've been quite inactive over the last years
17:55:13speachywhat might have happened is that I fixed up the checkwps stuff to automatically update/rebuild
17:55:26speachyand that ended up flagging a whole lot of previously "working" themes
17:56:17speachytbh I have no idea how the upload/supersceding stuff works. I've never personally used it.
17:56:36speachyit does seem that it's keyed off the theme name + email address
17:56:56speachyso there's no way for the admin to superscede things either
17:57:11speachywhat I could do is replace the zipfile on disk...
17:57:40speachysince you're just fixing things
17:58:35kugellebellium, speachy: sorry, that's too long ago to remember :(
17:59:20speachykugel: no worries, I was just trying to figure out wth had gone on because I didn't remember doing any of it
17:59:35lebelliumI see. I don't know what's best. 1. Re-upload a fixed version: Pros : I can do it myself (especially if the original author has been away for years). Cons : Duplicate in database (visible + hidden theme) Cons : We loose the original theme download stats
17:59:41lebellium2. Ask you the hidden theme id and ask the original author to upload my fixed version. Pros : Keep the download stats and original author name. Cons: I need the original author to do it, may be tricky.... (since there is a check about the email adress)
18:00:25speachy3... I replace the file, the theme gets un-masked on the next checkwps run
18:00:35speachy4... fix some of the themesite jankiness
18:00:44speachy5... OMG PONIES
18:01:22lebelliumCan you adjust the description too ? Usually I put the version number and changelog in the description
18:01:50speachyI'll have to do it from the sql cmdline but sure
18:04:16speachyok, stuff with a "hidden" status can't be pulled up for admin viewing either.
18:06:01lebelliumso for, if you could upload instead. And maybe add at the end of the current description something like "V1.3: broken code fixed by Ludovic Jakimon"
18:06:11lebelliumthat would be nice, thank you!
18:07:34lebellium"V1.3 2021/12/08: broken code fixed by Ludovic Jakimon"
18:09:35speachyjust requested access for the file.
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18:10:29lebelliumfixed the sharing settings
18:10:34lebelliumcan you please try again
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18:10:52speachygot it
18:12:08speachyand updated.
18:13:18lebelliumThanks, when is next checkwps?
18:14:03speachyI flagged it for a run, it'll kick off in...2 minutes.
18:16:49speachyit's running now (rebuilding all of the checkwps binaries)
18:17:13speachyI don't have a convenient way to just trigger a single target/theme refresh
18:17:37speachywon't take long.
18:17:48speachybut in the mean time, dinner is ready. :)
18:18:47lebelliumbon appétit
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18:37:46lebelliumit worked, thank you
18:40:04lebelliumregarding the other theme TI83, as doesn't actually exist and as I added a minor new feature (RDS text) besides the code fix, maybe it's better to leave it as is
18:44:35lebelliumIs it somehow possible for you to extract from the database the ID of all hidden themes so that one can check if some of them deserve a code fix?
18:45:06lebelliumbut first, some sleep ++
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20:44:40speachylebellium: There's a lot of 'em.
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