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#rockbox log for 2021-12-08

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13:09:40lebelliumspeachy: then maybe at least all Alien%% themes?
13:10:04lebelliumI think there was one for Clip+ for example
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13:47:37lebellium(btw, I still get "An error occured. Please recheck the URL you followed." when updating a theme)
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15:54:53tertuokay so i'm getting an error about libtool not being present
15:55:02tertuis there something i need to do to install it?
15:58:16tertu(i'm trying to set up the cross-compiler environment
16:15:05_bilguswhats it say when you type apt-get install libtool
16:15:27tertuit's already installed
16:15:33tertuokay so this seems to be the issue
16:15:57tertuthe script checks the path for a binary called libtool, but it turns out the installation script creates and extracts this binary itself
16:16:00_bilguswhats it say when you type apt-get install libtool-bin or maybe -dev?
16:16:06tertuwell, a program
16:16:39tertuoh wait nvm that works too
16:19:11_bilgusyea its libtool-bin
16:19:18tertuwhoops, missed that
16:20:50_bilgusIIRC scorche made that guide its semi recent
16:21:10_bilgusnot as recent as the wiki states though
16:29:21tertucool! got it working! :)
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22:56:06speachylebellium: ok, I'll see if I can dig up a list of the ALiEN variations for ya. and I'll need to take a closer look at how the themesite sends email. everything else seems to work okay, I think.
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