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#rockbox log for 2021-12-13

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01:03:13Guest1Hey Guest here I wanted to ask why my Ipod isn't being recognized on my computer. I've successfully installed rockbox and it works perfectly fine even refreshed it a few times.
01:04:24Guest1My computer detects its there but it does not show up anywhere. Except the Usb manager page..
01:06:09Guest1Its a windows 10 computer 80gb Ipod classic
01:10:20Guest1I successfully formatted it then manually installed rockbox it worked then it suddenly didnt recognize it after ejected it
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07:02:48PaulFertserOK, with (AFC disabled for lv24020lp) I had the frequency drifted once, but that might be related to going outside to sub-zero temperatures. I reselected the frequency and reception became much better. After that while walking it seemed to be stable. Not sure how to make a proper convincing test.
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14:10:31vitt13found FiiO M3Pro (Ingenic X1000/E based) disassembly/teardown with ICs identification
14:16:30sporkthose x1000/e devices seem fairly similar
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14:26:16bilgus_phGuest1 you left before anyone could help, try usbdevview from
14:27:14bilgus_phYou should be able to view and remove old unplugged devic as as well which may be your issue otherwise try a different PC
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16:55:24tertuis it pretty much the same hardware with 64MB of ethernet
16:58:10tertualso can't having had iTunes installed on your computer cause issues
16:59:26tertui seem to recall my friend's mom's mac (this was a long time ago) refused to recognize my old ipod classic that had rockbox on it installed in place of the OF
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20:04:59speachyHeh, this would be a cool port. If somewhat overkill.
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20:53:59Guest1Hey I need some help on something it seems pretty finicky that my computer does not want to recognize my iPod after installing Rockbox any ideas n how to fix this? Its formatted as Fat32 and everthing works just fine except it isn't recpgnizing my iPod..
21:35:24Guest1ill be right back
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