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#rockbox log for 2021-12-16

00:13:05_bilguslooking into it it needs to be a function call so you can draw and intercept the menu actions
00:13:24_bilgusbut thats awfully involved for a minor bug
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10:05:57chris_sspeachy (logs):
10:06:14chris_sAt the very least, FS #11286 can be closed. It's actually been merged since then (6efc8d5) and, together with recent patches to fix a concurrency issue, crashing in the described scenario should be solved for now (or a new bug report can be added).
10:06:15rb-bluebot PictureFlow segfault when showing tracklist or playing - fixed. (bugs, unconfirmed)
10:06:30chris_sWith one remaining exception, that I have a patch up for on Gerrit (g4096), I haven't been able to get PF to crash anymore at all, at least on any of my targets, although, in the Simulator, it's still possible to cause a queue overflow when scrolling alphabetically while the album cache is created which may be worth fixing.
10:06:39chris_sI can check if FS #12893 is still relevant.
10:06:40rb-bluebot pictureflow ignores albumart (bugs, unconfirmed)
10:08:50chris_s(and there's obviously been plenty of fixes by others in the meantime to prevent crashing)
10:35:58speachyif you could have a look at the other pictureflow tickets (8296, 11300, 11310) to see if they're still relevant too
10:38:07chris_samachronic: I noticed I could get the M3K to eventually crash when (very) quickly tapping the prev/fwd button to switch between tracks, especially if artwork loading was disabled.
10:38:13chris_sHaven't been able to reproduce it on other targets yet, but that may be simply because they are all so much slower.
10:38:19chris_sIt's kind of hard to predict/describe the exact scenario this happens.
10:38:22chris_sI'll probably try to write up a more specific bug report at some point and maybe check if it's a regression... unless it's a known issue. Doubt I'll be able to fix it myself
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11:55:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0300f62bf1, 303 builds, 12 clients.
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12:00:48bilgus_phChris_s re pictureflow button queue OF you might need to yield a loop if this occurs or service the queue or just clear it periodically
12:02:01chris_sthanks, I haven't looked into it closely, but I think it's the thread queue being sent the EV_WAKE event
12:03:49chris_s(I could be wrong)
12:04:05bilgus_phI used to have the issue in lua until I started yielding after the loop
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12:04:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 544 seconds.
12:04:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0300f62bf1 result: All green
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15:52:21amachronicchris_s: the only button related bug I know of is a queue overflow panic which happens if the button queue fills up because the GUI isn't emptying it fast enough
15:52:50amachronicI haven't seen that for a long time though
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20:12:29chris_samachronic: The (reproducible) panic message (TLB refill handler at 0x83d01254! [0x0]) points to something in aic-x1000.o if I'm reading the map file correctly....
20:12:30chris_s .debug_loc 0x0000000000083c13 0x73c /home/christian/Developer/rbmine/build-m3k/firmware/libfirmware.a(aic-x1000.o)
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20:37:55chris_suh, sorry, I just noticed I misread that completely. Looks like it's something in codecbuf instead
20:38:08chris_s0x0000000083d00000 codecbuf = 0x83d00000
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21:56:45chris_sLooks like it panics when trying to call codec_stop() from playback.c. Not really sure why yet.
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