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#rockbox log for 2021-12-17

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10:44:05__builtinspeachy: re: fs#10340, the correct phrasing is indeed "percent, number"
10:44:06rb-bluebot bad voicing in the chinese language (bugs, unconfirmed)
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10:54:42__builtinit's specific to just percentages too... stuff like this doesn't translate well
10:55:19__builtinso for percentages you'd need some way to either specify that the postfix should be used as a prefix
10:55:37__builtinor we could have both a prefix and a postfix, and leave the prefix blank in english
10:56:38__builtinchinese is also weird in translating "per second"
10:57:09__builtinso instead of "X per second", you have "per second X times"
10:57:17__builtinso you'd need both a prefix and postfix string
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13:26:01lebelliumspeachy: when do you have time to deal with my request about the ALiEn themes?
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19:02:50speachy__builtin: I see. well, it's certainly doable. I wonder if any other languages need a similar construct
19:04:00speachylebellium: today was my last real day at soon-to-be-ex-employer. so my schedule will open up considerably once the "honey-do" list is knocked out a little.
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19:50:49speachyEveryone −− On the translate site I added the ability to edit the entire translation, not just the flagged/problematic entries. I'm not sure how I should expose this via the status summary page; any suggestions?
19:51:11speachyhmm, maybe I could add it to the "potential problems" page.
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