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#rockbox log for 2021-12-20

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05:55:37paulcarrotyspeachy, just tested usb mode on fuze - working fine, still failing on enabled usb hid.
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18:56:44calebccff1hey so sorta weird question, i see the ipd6g has some i2c peripheral "mikey" which is "the internal controller for jack microphone and/or remote accessories"... If we figured out somewhere on the board where the i2c pins are exposed would it feasible to hook up a bluetooth audio mod with an actual driver in rockbox to control stuff like pairing, rather than have some chip which does it all "automatically"
18:59:25calebccff1huh seems like all the bluetooth audio modules i can find are meant to be controlled over UART
19:02:31calebccff1Maybe something like this could be used in tandem
20:46:31__builtincertainly seems possible - we do have access to the i2c bus
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20:51:18speachyUART's already there on the accessory connector, as is a line out
20:51:57speachyand UART is a standard bluetooth interface
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