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#rockbox log for 2021-12-25

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02:24:54paulcarrotyyeah. I use earpods too and got a great bass on fuze&fuze+
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02:52:06paulcarrotyalso if anyone knows something rival to apple earpods quality in same price range - pls let me know 🎄🎅🏻
03:49:02sporkif you want similar quality and price, why not stick to those ?
03:50:31sporkyang: if you suspect rockbox to be the problem, try the same actions using the original firmware ?
03:52:23sporki do not recognize the problems you have with your m3k at all
03:52:41sporkand i use mine daily, always with rockbox of course
04:34:26sporkamachronic, the recent 'current' changes do not seem to work on my m3k. battery current in debug is 0, all current fields in hwinfo/power starts are 0 too.
04:40:37sporkon the q1 they do work though
04:41:04sporkboth when charging/discharging
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07:44:17speachyhappy xmas, y'all. If that's your thing, anyway. if not, happy day-you-probably-have-off. :D
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08:20:49yangspeachy: Happy X-mass to you and everyone else who celebrates it
08:24:22yangok I got the battery charged to 100% and even managed to transfer the files
08:24:33yangI blame all those 3 usb cables being faulty
08:24:43yangthe 4th worked for some unknown reason
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10:07:06bluebrotherso, I'm getting closer to Rockbox Utility cmake conversion. Likely going to push some stuff later today.
10:07:26bluebrotherand hopefully will be able to get a new version done until the end of the year ...
10:28:19paulcarrotyspork, I'd like to have an universal headset with good sound & working mic on non-apple devices.
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13:58:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0768705545, 303 builds, 9 clients.
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14:12:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0768705545 result: All green
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19:22:27chrisbmy sansa e250 running rockbox just died and I didn't know where to turn
19:23:21chrisbthe last i looked into its' screen, it was happily reindexing the database in its' cradle
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