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#rockbox log for 2021-12-29

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15:01:36monokromehey yall
15:02:17monokromeI ran rockbox installer, it autodetected my iPod 5.5 gen, then it tried to install but the app randomly crashed (just suddenly gone) and now the iPod seems to just spin up disk and reboot over and over again instead of turning on
15:02:19monokromeIs it bricked?
15:02:55monokromeIt's a new disk, was working fine before running rockbox installer fwiw
15:05:38monokromeIt's also fully charged fwiw
15:12:03sporkthere are recovery instructions on the wiki, like
15:12:17sporknever tried it though, my ipod works
15:13:47sporkperhaps better to start at
15:29:09monokromeomg it worked
15:29:11monokromethanks spork
15:29:51monokromeI Googled a bunch and everything said to use, like, menu+select+back and stuff
15:30:00monokromebut it was select+play lol
16:23:33monokromeDoes anyone know why iPod Classic 5th gen isn't on this page?
16:34:17monokromeweird, there's no files for it either on the server
16:34:25monokromemaybe this is why the rockbox installer randomly crashed?
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17:32:58pixelmathe Ipod Classic (with that name) is the 6th gen Ipod, 5th gen is the Ipod Video (and it's there following the Nano 2nd gen). There's some inconsistency in the naming and the order on that page
17:34:53pixelmae.g. Ipod Photo/Color is the colourscreen version of the 4th gen Ipod and has a weird position in that list as well
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20:56:46monokromepixelma: Weird, it's called the "5.5" gen in a lot of places and Apple refers to it as a Gen5
20:57:13monokromeThey have like "Gen5" and "Gen5 (July <year>)" or whatever listed
20:57:28monokromeso Gen6 makes sense but is maybe confusing when comparing w/ Apple's naming convention
20:57:32monokromenice to know though
20:58:24monokromeI finally got it working but I had to restore the device on PC, not Mac :D
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