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#rockbox log for 2022-01-06

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07:15:03MarcAndersenLast time I tried rolo by booting card 2 while card 1 was running it had some problems, but that would be an ok option.
07:15:56MarcAndersenThe only thing I don't like is if I have to remove card 1 when it boots up.
07:18:12MarcAndersenAs for the nano 5g I have one around if you need some testing.
07:19:26q3ki have already a handful, but if someone else would like to do some porting... :)
07:20:05q3kover the upcoming couple of days i'll try to update the freemyipod wiki with hw info about the n5g: memory maps, clock gates, etc
07:20:28q3knot sure how much effort i wanna put into it yet, for now i have my sights on getting code exec on n6g/n7g
07:21:11MarcAndersenI also have a 7g, but I think it's dead. And it's touch.
07:21:31q3kthe n6g is also touch
07:22:22q3ki'm personally super into the n7g as a porting target, it's like a tiny liwwle baby iphone. also it has bluetooth.
07:22:36MarcAndersenI have a lot of shuffles also: 2g, 3g, 4g and 5g
07:24:13MarcAndersenThe nano 7g would be cool, but I've never tried Rockbox on a touch device, how is it with voice?
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07:33:14rudi_sAny recommendations for a small rockbox-capable device which is currently purchasable? I don't need anything fancy, just some storage and an audio jack.
07:55:00MarcAndersenAre these touch based?
07:57:57MarcAndersenDo you know if they are available in Denmark?
07:59:48paulcarrotyhave no idea :) but you can use a mail forwarding.
08:00:20MarcAndersenWhat do you mean with a mail forwarding?
08:02:30MarcAndersenI don't understand it in this case?
08:03:33paulcarrotyrenting a virtual mailbox then ship it around the world
08:04:36MarcAndersenBut what would that help in getting a rockbox player?
08:06:15rudi_spaulcarroty: Thanks. Just to check, is this the one? - had some trouble finding one and it's a bit more expensive than I thought.
08:10:27paulcarrotyrudi_s, yeah, that's it. if you wanna something cheaper - check another devices on ebay.
08:13:30rudi_spaulcarroty: Thank you! Price is fine if it's the correct one and Rockbox works on it. Just didn't want to buy the wrong model ;-)
08:14:08paulcarrotyMarcAndersen, forwarder does all under the hood for extra fee and reship all to your location.
08:14:13paulcarrotyu r welcome
08:14:54MarcAndersenSo I set up a forwarder in another country or what?
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15:53:26rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 131497d786, 303 builds, 10 clients.
16:20:32speachywtf.. again..
16:21:40braewoodsMarcAndersen: wb
16:21:57MarcAndersenbraewoods, Thanks
16:22:09braewoodsfrom the backlog, you're looking for players again?
16:22:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 131497d786, 303 builds, 10 clients.
16:22:30speachybuildserer went stupid.
16:22:31MarcAndersenThese x1000 things sounds nice
16:23:14braewoodsi guess in your situation it would be just fine, just remembered
16:23:43MarcAndersenWhat about the result from the other 131497d786?
16:24:03braewoodsmy usual issue with the x1000 is all the hardware is designed to be disposable in general
16:24:36braewoodskinda sad the xduoo x3 is actually more repairable
16:24:48braewoodsdespite being based on an older mips chip
16:24:49MarcAndersenDid it not complete at all? I also wondered why there was no result message.
16:25:02braewoodsi suspect speachy manually restarted it
16:25:45braewoodsi used to manage automated build systems. when they went haywire they sometimes had to be manually restarted like this
16:26:14MarcAndersenDo you know if the x3 or the gigabeat s decodes ape fastest?
16:26:42braewoodsthey'd probably be about the same. truth is ape is just cpu intensive
16:27:01braewoodsthe highest settings aren't really worth it
16:27:13MarcAndersenAnd I have no idea why, it's just lossless.
16:27:15braewoodsunless you're just archiving it with no intention of playing it
16:27:25braewoodsape is optimized for space savings at all cost
16:27:40braewoodsso it's a poor format for playback
16:27:45braewoodsespecially on slower devices
16:27:56MarcAndersenIs there even an open source encoder, or do I have to use windows?
16:28:13braewoodsi believe there is but i haven't used it in ages because of how impractical it is
16:28:27MarcAndersenFlac is better all way round
16:28:37braewoodswell it has compatibility
16:28:51braewoodsthere's more efficient flac encoders, you can re-encode with flake or similar to see if it helps
16:29:08braewoodsno idea if those made it into regular FLAC
16:29:30MarcAndersenHelps with size or speed?
16:29:30braewoodssince the formats are lossless, transcoding between them is also lossless
16:29:41braewoodsMarcAndersen: size and encoding speed
16:29:49braewoodsi was impressed by how well flake worked
16:30:19braewoodsbut i don't know if it's still relevant, the reference flac encoder supposedly imported the improvemenets
16:30:24braewoodsno idea if that's true or not
16:30:37braewoodsif your flac was encoded using an older encoder
16:30:45braewoodsyou might be able to re-encode to a smaller file
16:31:01MarcAndersenIt's really funny to play the c5000 ape on a portalplayer, it studders all the time
16:31:28braewoodsTTA is also a viable format, it's fast and marginally more compressive than FLAC
16:31:56braewoodsalso depends if you're using these for a whole cd image or just individual tracks
16:32:16MarcAndersenI've heard about it, doesn't it support encryption? Or is that another format?
16:32:32braewoodsTTA? yes it does but it's practically never used
16:32:43braewoodsno playback decoder really supports it
16:33:06braewoodsif you want to encrypt audio files you'd be better off putting them in an encrypted archive or other form of external container
16:33:20MarcAndersenI surpose rockbox can't play encrypted tta's, even though it would be nice so one could have sensitive data on a player.
16:33:36braewoodsrockbox has no decryption other than what is needed to boot or so
16:34:23MarcAndersenTta also have a self extractor I think, or is that ape?
16:34:30braewoodsape maybe
16:34:39braewoodstta has no self-extraction, that's actually pretty rare
16:35:03braewoodsif it does exist it ends up being a program
16:35:09MarcAndersenOh, maybe it was optim frog, I don't even think rockbox can take that?
16:35:22braewoodsno idea but optim frog is obsolete now, iirc
16:35:38braewoodsall the really interesting breakthroughs though have been in lossy codecs
16:36:15MarcAndersenOpus is my favorite
16:36:30braewoodsit's not open source and it has little to offer over open source codecs
16:36:38braewoodsoptim frog
16:36:57braewoodssimilar problem with ape
16:37:04MarcAndersenOh yes optim is closed, I forgot.
16:37:40braewoodsflac is mostly used for its other attributes, it's not the best compressor
16:37:51braewoodsit's very portable
16:38:00MarcAndersenI'd say flac and opus for now for my purpose, maybo vorbis if I need more compatibility.
16:38:44MarcAndersenI'm leaving for a bit.
16:40:42braewoodsi would test both and see if it works out any better
17:04:01rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 131497d786, 303 builds, 10 clients.
17:06:11MarcAndersenWhat? is revision 131497d786 not built yet?
17:08:59speachythe buildmaster is just...sitting there.
17:09:07speachynothing seems to be going to or from the clients
17:09:54braewoodsspeachy: would it help if i gave you access to my build server?
17:10:01braewoodsmight help with figuring it out
17:10:17speachyno, I have three of my own
17:10:51MarcAndersenHave this happened before?
17:11:10braewoodsit's the aftermath of some infrastructure upheaval.
17:12:01braewoodsi assume it has given the age of rockbox
17:14:24MarcAndersenI actually got a rockbox sim built on my raspberry pi, maybe we could make a real hosted or native port for that arm thing, what do you think?
17:15:08MarcAndersenIt's not a player I know, so maybe it's out of the scope.
17:15:48MarcAndersenThe sim works great though.
17:17:18speachythe VM seems to have _very_ slow disk I/O.
17:17:33MarcAndersenwhich vm?
17:17:44speachy_the_ vm.
17:17:56speachyas in what * runs on
17:18:40MarcAndersenOh, you mean the web server and all that? I thought you ment a player
17:19:10braewoodsspeachy: my offer still stands if you want to try running stuff on our dedicated server.
17:19:28braewoodsno idea how slow it would be for rockbox's regular infrastructure
17:19:30braewoodsor fast
17:19:52speachyI'd run it out of my hosue but I dont' have the bandwidth. then again at this point it still be an improvement
17:20:20braewoodsi do, but the server is already running a few other things but the main hogs would be build related
17:20:35braewoodsstill a container could be setup if you want to try it. i have spare addresses.
17:20:42braewoods500 megabits shared pipe
17:20:54speachyhow much CPU/RAM to burn?
17:21:08braewoods32GB of ECC physical ram
17:21:12braewoodslet me check the cpu
17:21:22braewoodsIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1231 v3 @ 3.40GHz
17:21:33braewoodsquad core i believe
17:22:04braewoodsi have 14 ipv4 addresses from my allocation from the server's host
17:22:13braewoodsthat aren't currently in use
17:22:37speachywe currently have 4 cpus, 10GB of ram, and I think ~200GB of disk space on tap.
17:22:58braewoodswe have plenty of disk space but it's on top of a ZFS raid10 setup
17:23:01braewoods4TB combined
17:23:12MarcAndersenI also have a self hosted ubuntu server if you need more.
17:23:35speachyyep, juust confirmed we're pretty much blocking on disk access. sigh.
17:24:00braewoodsany idea what VM tech you're using?
17:24:09braewoodswe only use containers on this server
17:24:14braewoodsLXD containers to be specific
17:24:36braewoodsi like these since they can use large amounts of RAM without having to worry about regular VM constraints
17:24:54MarcAndersenJust let me know if you need some more server power, it has static ip, unfortunately it's behind a router so I need to open your specified ports.
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17:25:24braewoodseuropeans generally have better bandwidth
17:25:31braewoodsso might be helpful
17:25:37MarcAndersenwe have 1 gbit
17:26:32MarcAndersenI used to use linode, but got tired of having a vps.
17:27:21q3kideally we'd chip in for a ryzen buildserver at hetzner or something, so that it can just chug along doing its own thing without having to be colocated with noisy neighbours
17:27:37q3k(we use hetzner ryzens for buildservers at $dayjob and they work pretty damn well, cheap too)
17:28:06speachythey're looking into it.
17:28:30q3k <- this is probably good enough
17:29:27braewoodsi'd host at home too if it were practical
17:29:34braewoodscable upload sucks
17:29:44speachyI have plenty of unused compute here; my problem is the pipe
17:30:11speachyheh, and during the summer, keeping from dying of heatstroke if it was all running at once
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17:30:48speachyit's not builders we need (though more are always welcome) −− it's the central infra box.
17:32:15braewoodsspeachy: well my offer stands, just let me know.
17:32:27braewoodscurrently i have a builder setup
17:32:35MarcAndersenJust made a speed test, I have 692/102 mbps
17:33:16MarcAndersenI mean mbit/s
17:33:37braewoodsthat's what mbps typically means
17:33:48MarcAndersenJust to be clear
17:33:54braewoodsalmost all transfer speeds are stated in bits
17:34:00MarcAndersenthat it's nog megabytes
17:34:13braewoodsmb/s would be what we used for that
17:34:21MarcAndersenOh sorry
17:34:22q3kMarcAndersen: if you aren't aware, speedtest result does not imply actual good transit connectivity to the rest of the internet. so if you're one a home link, you'll probably have issues getting that sort of speeds to/from another home connection or even most servers
17:34:23braewoods if looking at the actual units people use which is bytes
17:34:48braewoodsyea, speed tests just tell you what your maximum is but won't tell you what it will be to any given destination
17:35:18q3kso generally hosting anything that needs to push traffic from behind a home connection (even if marketed as 1Gbps, and even if speedtets shows you 1Gbps) doesn't work well
17:35:21braewoodsit can only be as fast as the slowest link
17:35:40MarcAndersenI think I get it.
17:35:52q3kand the speed will also vary with time of day, as peak netflix hours -> saturated peering links cross-isp
17:36:20q3kbasically for every 1Mbps you pay for your ISP will not provision more than 1/32th Mbps with their upstreams/peers
17:36:29q3kie., home links are provisioned at around 1:32
17:36:47q3keven more when you start buying these fat 500Mbps pipes
17:37:02q3kas nobody ever actually saturates them for extended periods of time
17:37:27MarcAndersenDid the build finish?
17:37:32speachyok, the underlying problem is that there were two nodes that got migrated onto a single one −− massively overcommitted, but they didn't realize it at the time because of the drop-dead-date
17:41:58braewoodsspeachy: well let us know if they actually fix the issue
17:42:00speachyif their current VM migration test works, we can be next in line. it'll require downtime for data transfer (~30 min)
17:42:59MarcAndersenSo we can't build for some time?
17:43:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 131497d786, 303 builds, 10 clients.
17:44:54speachywhat's happening is that the I/O is so slow the buildserver's database operations are causing connections to time out.
17:45:16speachyfrom the buildserver's perspective it's like " everyone keeps dropping on me!"
17:45:42MarcAndersenI see
17:49:00speachyit's actually marginally faster now
17:57:43braewoodsspeachy: from the previous?
18:01:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 131497d786, 303 builds, 10 clients.
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18:32:15speachyok. they can do the migration now. we're going to be completely offline for about an hour.
18:32:29speachythis includes the logbot.
18:32:54speachygiven that things are breaking badly I don't see a point in waiting.
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22:01:47speachywe're _finally_ back
22:04:44rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 131497d786, 303 builds, 10 clients.
22:05:01speachyI spinning up!
22:11:26speachyand finally some heat in here
22:18:17rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 813 seconds.
22:18:18rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 131497d786 result: All green
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23:17:43braewoodsspeachy: let me know if it continues to stutter

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