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#rockbox log for 2022-01-09

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07:24:33amachronicdconrad: whoops! my bad. seems weird that the AXP churn broke the LCD though.
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08:39:24dconradamachronic, no worries, but do you have any thoughts on what might be going on?
08:40:42dconradmy thought is maybe power to the lcd was dropping after initialization, so it loses all the initialization we do
08:41:42amachronicnothing immediately springs to mind but I'd have to look at the old code to see what's changed
08:47:39amachroniclooks like the biggest change is setting enabled supplies, which wasn't done at all before.
08:50:21amachronicmaybe you should just remove that call and see what happens?
08:50:28dconradyeah I can try that
08:51:14dconradI think I noticed that before, we were reading the existing state and adding a supply to it to make sure it was on, maybe something we don't know about needs to be turned on?
08:51:40amachronicthat was the ADC
08:51:48dconradah shoot haha
08:52:01dconradyou flip flopped them in the code
08:52:06amachronicironically that was one of the buggy operations that prompted me to do the rewrite
08:52:53amachronicthe axp's i2c multi register writes are strange and I screwed it up the first time around
08:53:39amachronicI probably should've stuck to fixing that and left the rest of that crap alone :P
08:56:01dconradhaha oh well, thats what happens when you have auto-translated documentation at best
09:01:24amachronicperhaps it's a timing issue? I see the erosq lcd code doesn't have a reset+delay at first like the M3K does.
09:02:31amachronicrather oddly there's a 120ms delay after the first 'sleep out' command... I guess that weirdness comes from the OF?
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09:04:51amachronicif setting the supplies causes a glitch in the power supplies maybe the LCD module or controller sees it as a reset.
09:08:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f1ddd6f014, 303 builds, 10 clients.
09:11:19dconradwell, the old code did set PWROUTPUTCTRL2 to 0x5c, though I don't quite know what that maps to
09:12:17amachronicthat's basically everything
09:12:26dconradyeah, no change commenting out axp_set_enabled_supplies()
09:14:26dconradI could certainly try copying the m3k's reset and sleep out commands for the lcd
09:14:41dconradI imagine they use the same command set
09:14:54amachronicyeah, the MIPI standard stuff
09:21:01dconradno change there either
09:21:13rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 738 seconds.
09:21:18rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f1ddd6f014 result: All green
09:21:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3adeae2026, 303 builds, 9 clients.
09:22:07amachronicI could just revert the AXP rewrite since there's nothing too critical in it
09:23:01amachronicbut I don't understand why the LCD broke to begin with?
09:23:24dconradyeah I don't get why either
09:24:15dconradok, so 5c maps exactly to dcdc1-3, ldo2-3, + exten according to your register document
09:24:54dconradsorry, 5f
09:25:39dconradwe are no longer setting the sample rate to 25hz, though I don't see why that would have an effect
09:26:27amachronici found that exten & dcdc2 were in _both_ PWRCTL1 and the upper 4 bits in PWRCTL2
09:26:50amachronicthe new code has some shenanigans to account for that but perhaps it's misguided.
09:27:09dconradperhaps its an "and" relationship to turn them on?
09:27:48amachroniciirc updates to one will reflect in the other.
09:28:51amachronicdid you put back the old PWRCTL2 setting when you removed set_enabled_supplies?
09:29:16amachronici somehow totally missed that the old code was setting supplies too
09:29:20dconradoh, no I didn't
09:29:25dconradI can try that
09:30:13amachronicif the ErosQ is anything like the M3K & Q1 some of those non-default supplies will be needed for the SD card etc.
09:31:11rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 568 seconds.
09:31:12rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3adeae2026 result: All green
09:31:13dconradwhat's the name of the register, is it AXP_REG_PWRCTRL2?
09:33:42dconradah whoops
09:36:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8f063d49c2, 303 builds, 10 clients.
09:37:08dconradyeah that doesn't seem to be it either
09:37:28dconradjust for fun I am going to put those two lines down after setting up the adcs though
09:38:40dconradok that didn't do anything
09:43:32dconradis the adc sample rate still being set to 25hz somewhere?
09:44:17amachronicno, it seems I forgot about that
09:45:39amachroniccan't see why that would affect it though.
09:46:05dconradI don't either, but it's a change and I'm just kind of trying stuff
09:46:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 574 seconds.
09:46:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 8f063d49c2 result: All green
09:48:41dconradI imagine it's set by ADCCTL SAMPLE_RATE, are valid values written down anywhere?
09:51:39amachronicit's in the datasheet reg 0x84
09:51:51amachronic25 Hz is 0
09:51:57dconradah, thanks
09:54:39amachronicdid you ever figure out what the LCD controller was on this thing?
09:54:52dconradno, it remains a mystery
09:55:53dconradalthough there seem to be some commands that aren't strictly defined in the standard, so someone who is familiar might be able to make a good guess
09:56:09dconrador at least commands I couldn't find what they do
10:04:55dconradassuming I wrote to it correctly,
10:05:10dconradint readaxp = axp_read(AXP_REG_ADCCTL);
10:05:10dconrad axp_write(AXP_REG_ADCCTL, (readaxp & 0x3f));
10:05:14dconradno change
10:05:41dconradwhich... is expected I guess
10:09:16amachronicoh well. I'll try a revert (at least for you to test) though it's a bit of a hack job since I've added stuff
10:10:09dconradsounds good, I appreciate it
10:12:13amachronic g#4166
10:12:16rb-bluebotGerrit review #4166 at : Revert "AXP PMU rewrite (again)" by Aidan MacDonald
10:12:27amachronicit compiles, but I haven't tested it.
10:12:48dconradI'll check it out and see how it goes
10:18:44amachronici have to step away from the computer for a bit but I'll check back in later. hopefully the revert will mysteriously fix the problem.
10:19:07dconradwell I can't speak to any regressions but it does work this way
10:19:35dconradyeah have a good one, we'll get to the bottom of it
10:20:04amachronicalright, at least it works again in the meantime :)
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15:20:31amachronicdconrad: i pushed a series to revert the axp changes - tip is g4170 if you want to test.
15:20:56dconradoh, yeah I can definitely do that
15:22:07dconradit looks like it's applying some of the things you changed onto the preexisting axp code instead of completely rewriting it?
15:22:49amachronicthe 1st in the series is a pure revert
15:23:08amachronicnext 2 are pure cleanups, the last is an actual bugfix
15:25:48dconradsounds good, it's building now
15:29:26dconradlooks like that whole chain works well, so whatever that bug was isn't in these changes
15:30:44dconradare there any specific tests or things to look at with these changes?
15:31:26amachronicif it charges at the right rate and the enabled ADCs seem to work it should be fine
15:32:06dconradit seems to be reading the battery ok, let me see how much current it will pull
15:32:43dconradshould "Charge During USB Connection" still be set to force?
15:32:50dconrador, is that still default?
15:32:55amachronicyeah it is
15:35:25amachronicI've tried to rework USB charging, but I'm starting to think it's not worth trying to comply with the USB specs, since the original firmwares don't and USB hosts don't seem to care.
15:36:52dconradit seems to be happily pulling 450 mA from both an AC adapter or my computer (in charge-only mode), and all the ADCs seem to be working correctly in the debug page
15:37:19dconradI imagine approximately complying with USB is about the closest any of these get
15:38:25dconradof course, now the battery is full so I_chrg is 0
15:38:38amachronicgood! I'll merge it then since afaik there should be no regressions.
15:39:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c62c323ebc, 303 builds, 11 clients.
15:41:01dconradit's a bummer reverting a nice clean rewrite though :-\
15:42:53amachronicyeah, but functionally it didn't do much except shave 3k off the binary.
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