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#rockbox log for 2022-01-11

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05:28:09MarcAndersenThe first build took 11700 seconds. Now I have added voice generation to the script so the simulators are talking right out of the box. I will make another build round now, this will take longer of course.
05:56:08sporkthat is a very long time. what do you need a simulator with plugins for ?
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06:06:28MarcAndersenI mean to compile all the simulators at once
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07:12:11sporkthat is still long, but a bigger result than i assumed :)
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08:10:55speachyMarcAndersen: as bilgus said it, any patches to fix stuff are welcome. details matter, but I'd really like it if we could work out a way to have these sim builds linked on the download pages.
08:11:40speachy(doing them on a per-commit basis is probably insane but if we could do something periodically (eg nightly or weekly) that would be a gread addition.
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09:09:09sporkyearly would be an improvement
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10:24:13MarcAndersenIt was actually faster! It must be because of some caches. It took 6543 seconds.
10:25:08MarcAndersenSo now all the sims talks at startup.
10:26:54MarcAndersenThe only thing I can't build is mikmod. I need an expert c programmer to help.
10:27:32speachyif you can post the log of the build failure somewhere, I can have a look at it.
10:29:28MarcAndersenSo you need the output of make?
10:31:38speachyonly need the bit towards the end where it went boom
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15:32:59MarcAndersenspeachy, Did you, or someone else interested get my log?
15:33:34speachyMarcAndersen: Yes. I'm surprised its going boom though, as I'd have thought this particular issue would break other mingw stuff.
15:33:48speachy$dayjob comes first, alas.
15:34:15MarcAndersenI'm not exactly understanding.
15:34:59blbro[m]Why is mikmod.h including windows.h?
15:35:20speachybecause it presumably has some sort of native windows support.
15:35:37MarcAndersenHmm, that may explain it, or?
15:36:15MarcAndersenIf we get it working, I would be happy to host windows sims.
15:37:51blbro[m]In my experience windows.h (and the stuff it pulls in) can cause quite ... interesting results for non-Windows code. Let along embedded stuff.
15:39:12blbro[m]Without having had a closer look I'd guess that somehow that way there's a type INT, and then using that in an enum screams for trouble.
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19:53:32MarcAndersenWow, is it really correct that the ipod 1g and 2g has no time and date at all?
19:53:59braewoodsprobably if there's no RTC
19:55:49MarcAndersenIt doesn't have it in the sim, that's a bit funny, I didn't know a target could have no clock, which date will new files get?
19:57:07MarcAndersenIn the sim they just get my computers time
20:06:44MarcAndersenThere's actually more targets without a clock than I thought.
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22:26:26braewoodsMarcAndersen: yes. iriver H100, H120 are others with no RTC.
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22:29:02braewoodsit's mostly older stuff since more recent stuff almost always has one
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