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#rockbox log for 2022-01-15

00:06:59_bilgus_we have a few demo plugins for visulaizers etc
00:07:22_bilgus_and yes you can use it like a flash drive to move music on it
00:07:41_bilgus_oh nm :/
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19:45:43zerocool86i'm having trouble with autodetect and "no mountpoint given"
19:45:44zerocool86the ipod shows up under my computer and i had to formatted
19:48:50zerocool86whilst connected rockbox cannot detect the device even though it appears as a drive under my computer
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20:07:27zerocool86to clarify: 6th gen 120gb ipod classic and it's showing up as a drive under my computer,
20:07:28zerocool86yet with the rockbox utility, (even with show disabled targets checked) does not show the ipod in the dropdown
20:07:28zerocool86while the ipod shows as "connected" on the ipod screen
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20:26:11zerocool8others seem to have the same problem; however i can't even see the
20:27:09zerocool8C drive in the dropdown
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20:37:21zerocool22is anyone able to assist with the mountpoint error?
20:39:12zerocool22my ipod shows as a drive in my computer, yet the rockbox utility doesn't show any drives in the dropdown for mountpoint
20:40:30revozerocool22, did you try running it as administrator?
20:41:11zerocool22revo still nothing
20:42:21zerocool22havn't been able to figure out what to search to even fix
20:42:38zerocool22windows might be blocking the program from seeing the drives but i have no idea what
20:44:13revoThese are old instructions, but may they will work:
20:45:31zerocool22quite literally had them open 10 minutes ago. read what i could and still can't figure out what's wron
20:46:09revodo you have apple's software running on it?
20:47:31zerocool22version 2.01
20:48:53revowell tbh I have not used windows seriously since about windows 7/8, so I am not quite sure how to help you. Would you be interested in trying to boot linux from a usb?
20:54:03zerocool22i'm wondering if there's something that can be blocking my drives from rockbox
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23:39:00_bilgus_zerocool22, generally when you have something like that its either not formatted properly or you need to switch usb ports/cable
23:39:21zerocool22what should the format be?
23:39:24_bilgus_do verify it is FAT32 as well
23:39:25zerocool22i tried exfat
23:39:36_bilgus_rb only uses Fat32
23:39:38zerocool22its over 32gb. its a 120 should it not be exfat
23:40:03_bilgus_problem with windows not FAT32
23:40:19zerocool22i only see NTFS and exfat
23:40:24_bilgus_so you need to format with a 3rd party tool
23:40:24zerocool22when i right click format
23:40:30_bilgus_give me a sec
23:42:00zerocool22cluster size?
23:42:06_bilgus_or RMusbprep comes to mind
23:42:13zerocool22i'm usin minitool
23:42:22zerocool22256 is highest
23:42:22_bilgus_but shouldn't mattter AFAIK
23:43:42zerocool22cool it shows up now./
23:43:47zerocool22where does one find themes
23:44:07_bilgus_now just make sure you unzip a .rockbox install on there
23:44:17_bilgus_use a recent dev version
23:44:36_bilgus_the rbutil should show it
23:44:43_bilgus_no development
23:44:57_bilgus_3.15 is 2+years old
23:45:18zerocool22where do ni find the most recent
23:45:22zerocool22and themes/fonts/games
23:45:25zerocool22and other homebrews?
23:45:39_bilgus_rb util should show themes I think but always can go to
23:45:53_bilgus_games are on the device with install
23:46:00_bilgus_as well as demos look first..
23:46:28_bilgus_newer stuff is up on gerrit
23:46:53_bilgus_you can find all this and more from the homepage and wiki forum, etc etc
23:47:33_bilgus_we have lua too :)
23:47:49_bilgus_scripting lang
23:48:10_bilgus_bunch of demos you can tweak there
23:49:46_bilgus_there is a gameboy emulator as well but you need to provide your own roms we only have FOSS no pirates ;)
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