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#rockbox log for 2022-01-16

00:03:07zerocool22_bilgus_ i was about to give up and you gave me a second wind
00:03:19zerocool22but i think i soft bricked it not having the apple drivers
00:03:28_bilgus_we were all beginners at some point :)
00:04:03zerocool22it's blank screen and won't turn on
00:04:11zerocool22when i connect to PC itunes opens though
00:05:10_bilgus_unfortunately I don't do ipods but let me look
00:06:23_bilgus_which ipod?
00:06:25zerocool22i'm just going to restore and update and try again.
00:06:29zerocool226.5 120gb
00:07:17_bilgus_have you read this and executed the steps?
00:09:53_bilgus_doesn't look like there is much beyond using rb util so restore sounds like a good option
00:12:57zerocool22i keep getting failed restore messages
00:13:43zerocool22when i restart the ipod and connect, itunes opens and i get unknown error (1429)
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00:22:04_bilgus_probably gonna have to wait for someone that knows the ipod then
00:22:11_bilgus_but ill look in the forum
00:25:02_bilgus_sorry I have steered clear of apple for a looooonnngggg time :)
00:25:31_bilgus_I'm the resident sansa guy
00:26:36_bilgus_the rockbox bootloader has since been fixed in the 5 years though AFAIK
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01:14:20zerocool19rockbox setup successful. i appreciate all the help and patience
01:21:11revowow the issue was exfat
01:23:20_bilgus_cool good to hear :)
02:04:09zerocool19and then i softbricked and had trouble with recovry
02:04:47zerocool19is there a way to switch between Rockbox os and the old Itunes OS on the fly?
02:25:48braewoodsmost ports support dual boot but i can't answer for ipods
02:50:59revoaccording to that reddit post you can boot to the original one by holding the menu
02:53:33revoi don't have the other os on my ipod but it looks like its trying to boot to the other one if I shut down from rockbox by holding the play button and then once it is off holding the menu button. try that
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03:50:56blbro[m]Press Select to turn it on, then enable Hold.
03:52:30blbro[m]It's also in the manual. See section 3.1.3 "Starting the original firmware"
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09:40:01MarcAndersenHi. Is it hard to compile rbutil on windows? Do I need to cross compile it in linux or use cygwin or cmake or something else on windows itself? I can't really find any info.
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14:22:33bluebrotherMarcAndersen: yes. It's pretty straightforward.
14:22:54bluebrother(1) install MinGW Qt and the MinGW that comes with Qt. Also install cmake.
14:23:27bluebrother(2) open a cmd windows. Create a build folder and change to that.
14:24:06bluebrother(3) set PATH=c:\Qt\Qt5.15.2\Tools\mingw73_32\bin;%PATH% (or whereever the Qt MinGW is installed)
14:24:57bluebrother(4) c:\Program Files\cmake\cmake.exe -G "MinGW Makefiles" -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=c:\Qt\Qt5.15.2\mingw73_32 path\to\rockbox\utils
14:25:01bluebrother(5) mingw32-make
14:27:38bluebrotherrather brief documentation on the wiki here:
14:28:14bluebrotheryou can even use Visual Studio to compile, though you need to configure it to use MinGW as compiler −− some of the libs we include won't compile with cl or clang-cl.
14:29:17bluebrotherMarcAndersen: oh, misread your question, thought it was "is it possible". Is it hard: not really. I'd consider it standard for building a Qt application with cmake on Windows.
14:29:29MarcAndersenI read that page, but I think I'm getting it now. So what you're saying is that I am not cross compiling or using cygwin?
14:29:55bluebrotherno cygwin, no msys. Get rid of all that, it only causes trouble.
14:30:20bluebrotherthe only thing needed is the MinGW compiler, and the one shipped with Qt is working fine.
14:30:36MarcAndersenThanks. I'm going to try.
14:31:25MarcAndersenDo we have full xduoo x3 support for rbutil in git?
14:32:59bluebrotheraccording to its changelog.txt we have support. Not sure how full that full would be.
14:33:36bluebrotherI'd like to get a Rockbox Utility 1.5.0 done soonish, so if there's something missing getting that done would be nice :)
14:34:07MarcAndersenIt looks like the x3ii and x20 are also coming along.
14:34:49bluebrothersee utils/rbutilqt/changelog.txt
14:35:11MarcAndersenI'm going to try a c5000 ape file on my x3 some day to see if I get realtime, I think not.
14:37:14bluebrotherbtw: I've set up a Github Action to build Rockbox Utility on my fork. Since we have a mirror on github ... would it be interesting to make use github actions to build Rockbox Utility on the official mirror? The only annoying thing is that github actions artifacts can only be downloaded if you're logged in.
14:37:41MarcAndersenI have a github at MarcroSoft
14:38:08MarcAndersenbluebrother, Do you have a prebuilt binary?
14:41:38bluebrotherif you're interested in the workflow file: bluebrother/rockbox/blob/gh-actions/.github/workflows/main.yml">
14:41:47paulcarroty@bluebrother, yeah, it will be great. there's a workaround for GA downloads.
14:42:26bluebrotheroh, one annoying thing about github actions is that their artifact step puts everything in a zip file. In our case it's already a zip file which is ... weird.
14:43:35paulcarrotyjust extract it then
14:43:43bluebrotherso right now I have that branch gh-actions, and I sync that branch every now and then. But if people think it would be useful we could change that workflow configuration so it only triggers when utils change, and then add it to the main repo. Then the official Rockbox mirror repo on github should do that action thing, shouldn't it?
14:44:08bluebrotherpaulcarroty: sure, but it's annoying to have to extract things twice. But yeah, not a real problem.
14:45:57MarcAndersenbluebrother, Thanks for that build, then I don't need to compile it right now.
14:46:36bluebrothersure, you're welcome. Played around with gh-actions some time back, so we might as well use the result :)
14:47:09bluebrotherjust fyi, that's a non-static build though.
14:47:28MarcAndersenI see this build is a lot more dynamic, it requires a bunch of dlls, why?
14:47:41MarcAndersenSorry I missed that message
14:48:17bluebrotherbut since I eventually want to move ipodpatcher / sansapatcher into separate binaries to address this whole elevation / sudo thing having more than one file in the zip will change anyway.
14:49:15bluebrotherthat's just a "standard" build on Windows. At least for Qt4 you'd need to recompile Qt for static builds, and I never bothered to figure what's necessary with Qt5. When cross-compiling from Linux I use mxe, which does that stuff for me.
14:50:34bluebrotherbut then again I don't think sticking with the one-file-only goal from like 10 years back makes much sense anymore.
14:51:24MarcAndersenIt's ok with me.
14:53:06MarcAndersenMaybe then we should remove the option install on player.
14:53:24MarcAndersenOh is it already gone?
15:07:07bluebrotherthat option was only ever enabled for static builds. But yeah, I guess we can remove that.
15:07:57bluebrothergiven that we're going to build an AppImage for Linux and dmg for MacOS one could simply place those files on the player. And for Windows simply extract the zip to any folder you like. If that's on the player that's just fine.
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15:08:37MarcAndersenWhere would we then store the config on windows? In a file or the registry?
15:12:50sporkis rbutil support for the x1000 players going to be possible? with its dependency on usb drivers
15:16:03MarcAndersenWow there are new options of installing manual and voice files, nice!
16:09:14bluebrotherconfiguration is always stored in a file. Either somewhere below AppData, or (if present) in the same folder as the exe.
16:10:26bluebrotherso we could change that to portable installation. At least for Windows ... won't work for AppImage or dmg, but I guess that would be good enough for most people.
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16:44:33MarcAndersenOh I see.
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17:45:33MarcAndersenThe x3 can't do ape 5000 in realtime as I thought, but the gigabeat s can.
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18:45:50amachroniclooks like gerrit just died when I tried to log in.
18:48:12speachyyeah, it crashed. looking at the logs before I restart it.
18:48:35speachywow, the JVM itself segfaults.
18:48:55speachygimme a few, cleaning up the pieces.
18:52:04speachystarting now
18:54:46amachronicI'm trying again now
18:55:01amachronicit worked.
18:59:10rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0fbaeed250, 303 builds, 11 clients.
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