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#rockbox log for 2022-01-18

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03:06:01sqz1hi all, longtime user of rockbox here, especially the chopper game ;)
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04:57:51sporki prefer jewels
05:28:40sqz1ah yes that one is epic too :)
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19:28:10LambdaCalculus37Been trying to play around a little bit again to see if I can maybe get OpenBSD recognized as a host system to build Rockbox on:
19:29:00braewoodsLambdaCalculus37: isn't uname the standard way to detect the running unix clone from shell?
19:29:11braewoodsuname -s in particular
19:30:25LambdaCalculus37Yeah, it is.
19:30:31braewoodsit's even specified in POSIX
19:30:51braewoodsanyway if there's a portable way to detect it, you should use that
19:31:50braewoodswhat's the value of doing this though? Linux being the build host doesn't seem to be an issue.
19:32:01braewoodsthe BSDs are even less popular
19:32:30braewoodsit's another thing to support
19:32:54braewoodsdo we have enough interest in BSDs to bother with it?
19:34:33LambdaCalculus37This is in tools/configure, and on that note, there's support for FreeBSD and Solaris in there as well.
19:34:56braewoodsok. i'm just thinking of issues like people assuming /bin/sh is bash compatible
19:35:35braewoodsthat's not even a guarantee in Linux land because sh is sometimes another shell like on Debian
19:36:40LambdaCalculus37And on OpenBSD, bash isn't a default shell option. You get csh, tcsh, or ksh, but bash has to be installed from either the package repo or pkgsrc.
19:37:21braewoodslike most BSDs i believe
19:37:37braewoodsGNU tools have to be installed from ports or so
19:38:03braewoodsanother valid question, are we bsd make compatible?
19:38:58LambdaCalculus37We must be, because we had a couple of devs ages ago that were on FreeBSD (hence why tools/configure has FreeBSD detection).
19:39:30braewoodsi never stopped to ask because of how rare it is to run into FreeBSD users
19:40:14LambdaCalculus37Be glad it's BSD and not something super wacky like plan9! :P
19:40:33braewoodsmay as well add a few other BSDs if we're going here
19:40:43braewoodsNetBSD at least
19:41:14LambdaCalculus37Wouldn't be a bad thing since OpenBSD and NetBSD are also pretty popular with some ARM based devices, too.
19:41:27braewoodsspeachy: it might be a good idea to have the builders report their architecture and host kernel.
19:41:38braewoodsif they don't already
19:42:05braewoodsif we run into mystery issues it might be helpful to know more about who built what.
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19:48:43LambdaCalculus37And I did have another weird idea, but I mostly want to try it out for kicks: build RBUtilQT on non-x86_64 Linux (like armhf or aarch64) and see what it does.
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20:40:05braewoodsthere's no obvious reason it would fail due to lack of any hard dependency on x86
21:06:04speachyI suppose it's possible we have some endianness issues on the host code but nothing arch-dependent.
21:06:22speachynot that there are any modern BE targets any more.
21:10:12braewoodsall the named archs are LE
21:10:54braewoodsi've been reading through SDL2. it has stuff we could switch rockbox over to. it's almost as if it were its own OS abstraction.
21:11:13braewoodsbattery reading module
21:12:18braewoodsSDL port has the potential of being useful for a Linux single GUI application thing
21:12:54braewoodswhether there'd ever be any viable hardware setups for it is another matter
21:13:22braewoodsi've seen RPI cases that incorporated an inline touch screen and battery
21:13:39braewoodsmaybe something similar could be jerry rigged for our own software distribution to be based off of
21:14:41braewoodsnot a bad idea though, a rockbox port that could be run like Kodi is
21:15:06braewoodsin any case
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