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#rockbox log for 2022-01-19

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00:36:47revoRegarding rockbox on iPod video, is the clicker sound accessible from rockbox or is that still something that needs to be reverse engineered from the original firmware?
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07:10:15CH23hey, quick question: I have an iPod classic (late 2009 mode, so 6th gen revision 3, also known as 7th gen/thin 180gb) which, when using with one of my iPod docks, will constantly show me USB connection, disconnect, and loop like that. the dock in question is a Pure i-20, which has coax and spdif digital output. no USB conection at all.
07:11:04CH23the question: is there a way within rockbox to see what capabilities the dock supports? is the above behaviour 'normal', can I debug it somehow?
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07:37:15speachymost likely just an electrical issue with the dock that causes the USB signaling to be unreliable.
07:37:44CH23it works perfectly fine with the apple OS software
07:37:52speachyrevo: yes, the clicker sound is configurable.
07:39:02CH23looking at debug>I/O, I see changes on GPIO 3, 4, and 5 that 'loop'
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07:41:09CH23default of gpio3, 4, 5 = 0x1e, 0xfe, 0xff
07:42:43CH23changed state 1 of gpio3,4,5 = 0x0e, 0x00, 0x80
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07:43:28CH23changed state 2 of gpio 3,4,5 = 0x0e, 0x02, 0xc0
07:44:05CH23it loops back to default and continues looping through these
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13:38:31MarcAndersenHow hard would it be to port Rockbox to the xDuoo X10 and xDuoo X10T II
13:40:58speachyX10 probably a bit of work, X10T II should be straightforward, as it's 95% the same as the X3II/X20.
13:41:43MarcAndersenCan we do the xDuoo X10T II then at some point?
13:41:54speachy(IIRC the X10 is a jz47xx device, so it's a lot closer to the original X3 and doesn't share the same Linux platform as its newer bretheren)
13:42:03speachyMarcAndersen: Just need hardware. :D
13:42:24MarcAndersenSo x10 would be easier then, or?
13:43:22speachythe x10Tii would be simpler. it really is effectively an X3ii plus extra audio outputs.
13:43:46speachybut it's _expensive_ even before one considers the challenge of finding one.
13:43:59MarcAndersenIs the x3ii a hosted port?
13:44:07speachycurrently, yes.
13:45:29MarcAndersenI still only have a normal x3, and it's a nice thing.
13:46:21speachyI'd personally prefer the original X10 (dual SD slot, nicer controls) but neither of them are all that easy to find commercially. xDuoo is selling them direct from their web site but that's about it, I think.
13:46:46MarcAndersenI think I will begin translating the Danish file again, the last time it crashed for me, if you remember.
13:48:11MarcAndersenBut if we could do the x10 it would be a native port?
13:51:42speachyyeah, that would be the fastest route
13:52:15speachyessentially it's an X3 with better display and controls.
13:52:25speachy(different DAC too IIRC)
13:53:14MarcAndersenThe x10 is $129, that sounds ok I think
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14:02:59sporkwhat makes that better than for instance a surfans f20 ?
14:03:53MarcAndersenI haven't checked up on that one.
14:04:12sporkboth have lots of buttons, that is nice
14:04:18speachynothing inherently, they're roughly comparable in capabilities, though the X10 has dual SD slots.
14:04:28speachyX10 has double the RAM too
14:04:46speachyit comes down to the quality of implementation.
14:05:08MarcAndersenOh have you done anything about the ability to boot from the other card on the x3?
14:06:43sporkthose jz47xx devices have a lot of memory ?
14:11:06speachy64MB vs the 32MB on the x1000
14:11:18speachy(the x1000e has 64MB, but only the m3k has one of those)
14:11:32MarcAndersenThe x3 also has 64 mb
14:11:41sporkq1 too
14:12:05sporkxduoo makes nice devices for sure
14:12:58MarcAndersenI can only speak for the x3, but that's a cool player for sure.
14:13:20sporkthe x10t ii seems very niche
14:14:10MarcAndersenThat one is quite expensive
14:15:10MarcAndersenIs it correct that the x3 has no alarm?
14:15:56speachyit has an RTC but I don't recall an alarm. doesn't mean it has one, just that I never bothered to look.
14:16:27MarcAndersenSo it could be implemented?
14:19:54speachyok, just the RTC of the 4760.
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20:04:04LambdaCalculus37I currently have rbutilqt compiling on my Raspberry Pi 4 (which I'm also using right now!)
20:06:24LambdaCalculus37I'm using the beta of the 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS so the resulting binary will be aarch64.
20:28:51LambdaCalculus37The resulting binary works! It even sees my iriver H300!
20:32:56LambdaCalculus37I would like to submit this binary for inclusion and download on the RBUtil page on the site!
20:38:58LambdaCalculus37Here's a download link to the aarch64 build of rbutilqt (it's built as a release version):
20:39:48LambdaCalculus37I'll try and also build an armhf binary as well for 32-bit ARM Linux in the near future.
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