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#rockbox log for 2022-01-20

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03:38:28paulcarroty@LambdaCalculus37 eli5 the point of rbutil arm binary
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03:50:11gevaertspaulcarroty: so people using a raspberry pi or similar can use it?
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04:24:45paulcarrotydo you know many people with arm laptop/desktop to justify the arm builds support?
04:26:15gevaertsI have zero numbers. I suspect it's more than there are with some of our supported targets though :)
04:29:09gevaertsThere's things like the raspberry pi 400 that, if people are using them, are pretty much in the middle of the target for this
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06:05:37MarcAndersenI have the raspberry pi 4b where I have compiled the simulator and sdl builds.
06:06:00MarcAndersenI'm not sure if I can do rbutil too.
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09:28:22LambdaCalculus37I have to still do a huge update on my Raspberry Pi 3B+'s OS but since it's on the 32-bit version of RPiOS, I'll be using it to build an armhf binary of RBUtil.
09:29:39MarcAndersenLambdaCalculus37, If you do that, I'd be interested in it
09:30:13LambdaCalculus37Cool! I'm gonna want testers for it, so I'll shout out here and on the forums when it's ready!
09:31:07LambdaCalculus37speachy: Would you be open to offering my armhf and aarch64 Linux builds of RBUtil for download?
09:31:14speachyof course
09:31:21LambdaCalculus37Nice! :)
09:32:16speachyit might be better to do a build using git master instead of v1.4.1
09:32:45MarcAndersenI agree
09:32:51LambdaCalculus37I can do that. I marked them as release but I built them against the most recent Git repo version.
09:33:19speachyI put the aarch64 one on
09:33:24LambdaCalculus37I made a forum post where the download links will be available; they're currently in my pCloud:,54103.0.html
09:33:29speachyCan you edit the wiki to point at it?
09:33:49LambdaCalculus37speachy: Not right now because I'm on my phone and at work but I can do so later.
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10:02:39paulcarrotyspeachy, somebody talked about github actions builds for rbutil 2-3 days ago, are you interested?
10:04:19speachyhmm. there's no reason we couldn't just use the build farm for basic linux and mingw builds.
10:04:42speachybut anything non-native (other than mingw) is beyond our scope.
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10:20:11blbro[m]That somebody was me ...
10:20:56blbro[m]Github actions could build for all the platforms we currently have binaries for.
10:22:38blbro[m]Also, I'd like to bump Rockbox Utility to 1.5.0 soonish. Right now the only thing missing is those release scripts.
10:22:46blbro[m]Unless I'm missing something.
10:22:55speachyit's your call
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12:09:23paulcarroty@blbro can you do the arm build on GA too? better then noname clouds tho.
12:12:30blbro[m]Afaik Github doesn't provide ARM VMs. But if they do I guess we could.
12:22:41LambdaCalculus37If they provide both armhf and arm64/aarch64, great. Otherwise another solution will be needed.
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13:32:31paulcarroty@blbro qemu emulation, first link I found
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