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#rockbox log for 2022-01-21

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16:42:49MarcAndersenIs there a specific reason why my gigabeat s has a menu called tone controls in sound settings and all my other players has bass and trebble?
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18:40:36braewoodsMarcAndersen: from what i'm reading it appears the Gigabeat S has hardware to do it, the other players do it with software.
18:40:57braewoodsthat seems to be the difference from the manual anyway
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18:41:58MarcAndersenOh ok
18:45:40MarcAndersenIt seams that the gigabeat s has fm but no microphone, interesting.
18:46:26braewoodsit also has RDS though from what i've heard of Europe FM is increasily less useful
18:48:20MarcAndersenYou're probably right, it seams like I can pick up better fm signals with my sansas, is that a Europe problem only with the gigabeat?
18:59:05braewoodsMarcAndersen: i don't think so. i was referring to the increased presence of DAB.
18:59:31braewoodsit doesn't exist in the US but it does in Europe
18:59:48braewoodsinstead we have some hack job called HD Radio
18:59:48MarcAndersenOh, we still have fm in denmark, but most cable based fm services are closed.
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19:00:38braewoodsfair enough, it's possible the FM tuner in the sansas are better
19:00:47braewoodshard to say
19:01:05braewoodswireless reception is effected by many things
19:01:07LambdaCalculus37@speachy: The wiki for RBUtil has been updated.
19:01:12MarcAndersenBut I love the gigabeat for music.
19:01:50MarcAndersenLambdaCalculus37, Did you compile an arm 32 build of it?
19:02:38LambdaCalculus37@MarcAndersen: Not yet. Haven't had a chance to sit to do so yet.
19:03:01MarcAndersenThat's ok.
19:06:28LambdaCalculus37I'm gonna start up my Pi 3B+ and get it prepped for the process.
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20:10:47LambdaCalculus37Building an armhf binary of RBUtil as we speak.
20:18:25LambdaCalculus37Crap, got an error: 'talkfile.cpp:181:49: error: 'wildcardToRegularExpression' is not a member of 'QRegularExpession''
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20:37:55LambdaCalculus37I'll have to try again later.
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