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#rockbox log for 2022-01-23

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14:12:29MarcAndersenWould it be possible to add the danish letters to the voice files so it can say them when spelling a filename?
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16:36:54speachyMarcAndersen: it will be challenging due to how speaking letters works. It only really works for straight ASCII, which is a major limitation.
16:43:35MarcAndersenFair enough, it's not a major issue.
16:45:35MarcAndersenAre there any plans for a 3.16 release soon? I think we have many new features in master which would be cool to have in a release.
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18:18:32braewoodslast i heard the next version would be 4.x
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18:19:14MarcAndersenThat might be a good idea for sure.
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18:24:50braewoodswell they dropped support for ARCH devices and that was the reason
18:26:28MarcAndersenOh I forgot that, but it makes sense. I also think 3.0 was the first version with software codec as primary decoding.
18:32:41braewoodsplus i'm not sure hwcodec support is even possible now with the devices using it not really being suitable for rockbox anyway
18:32:52braewoodsand them being totally undocumented
18:33:28MarcAndersenIt's stupid that we can't use the new sansa clips.
19:04:48braewoodsit is what it is, currently it's looking like the best bet is going to end up being home brew DIY arm linux solutions.
19:05:01braewoodswhere rockbox would be the main application running
19:05:52braewoodsmay eventually be practical with all the random developments i see in the DIY community
19:11:53braewoodsinterestingly, a router SOC might work out pretty well
19:12:11braewoodsany way
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23:57:47revois there any rockbox wiki articles/documentation on how exactly rockbox goes from audio file->intermediate steps->audio out?

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