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#rockbox log for 2022-01-24

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02:03:16sporkbraewoods: do you think that would include the linux system itself or just the rockbox app on top of whatever linux comes with those devices ?
02:27:51paulcarroty@spork openwrt + audio drivers, why not
02:28:25braewoodsspork: i was thinking in terms of cases where the software stack isn't locked to some proprietary blend
02:28:46braewoodsin which case having SDL2 and some other code to run natively on Linux could be beneficial
02:29:23braewoodsif we were to provide the distribution we would probably want some way to provide the hardware assembly it was intended for
02:29:39braewoodsi've seen RPI4 setups that had a touchscreen integrated into the case
02:29:53braewoodsi thought if you could get a battery in there it might end up being a viable idea
02:30:14braewoodswon't be super good audio quality probably but for people that just want a DIY solution it may be good enough
02:31:01braewoodsi'd honestly want to improve the SDL port before messing with that all
02:31:13braewoodsbut having a mode where we can run like Kodi does could be useful
02:31:31braewoodsit was basically rockbox for set top boxes or similar
02:32:25braewoodsif nothing else it does provide a way to get rockbox onto portable hardware that can still be produced now
02:32:48braewoodsit will probably require finetuning of the linux code but it's not a bad place to start.
02:33:06braewoodsdepends on the target board and such
02:33:20braewoodsthe easiest option would probably be to test this concept on the pinephone
02:35:20sporksounds good
02:36:42sporkalso sounds like a major undertaking
02:37:26sporkthe existing 'hosted' rockbox ports benefit from the existing linux on various devices
02:40:45sporkrpi4+battery+touchscreen is not as portable as some of the integrated solutions
02:41:33sporka modern sdl2 version would open up loads of opportunities
03:10:43braewoodsmostly just an idea i have for another time
03:11:13braewoodsmy original idea was to just make it possible to compile RB like this and see what software distributions might be practical
03:12:05braewoodsif Linux ran well on old x86 tablets those could also work to a degree
03:14:19braewoodsAtom could also work but only if someone was willing to design around it. the standard hardware architecture is rather helpful.
03:14:47braewoodsi was thinking something like vocore would probably work out better. it has a lot of different pins on the SoC.
03:15:49braewoodsoh, nevermind. it's usb host only.
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04:20:18paulcarrotyrpi4 needs a 3A battery, which is not cheap, but guess you can underclock it
04:23:48braewoodsthe final one would probably be better off with a pi zero or similar
04:29:24braewoodspaulcarroty: could be mitigated by disabling features that aren't needed but yea
04:29:45braewoods3A could be provided by 18650 cells
05:45:31paulcarrotyprobably, but how big the case will be? 😃 we don't need another 6" pinephone. anyway, it's interesting to dig in.
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07:14:21braewoodspaulcarroty: probably as big as the flirc case at least.
07:14:31braewoodsyou need a lot of help to make anything slim.
07:21:21sporkor a hammer
07:22:57braewoodsmaybe in time the modular stuff will get more affordable. this would only really work if the main board already came with everything we'd need.
07:24:37braewoodsor smaller even
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15:36:48MarcAndersenThis pipod thing looks interesting.
15:38:00speachyit's an example of what it takes to make a mp3 player with a RPi Zero. or more generally, any small linux SBC.
15:38:22MarcAndersenHas it anything to do with rockbox?
15:38:38speachy(the lichee pi zero would be a better choice IMO)
15:40:12speachy(also the lichee pi nano. since either way you'll need external codec, buttons/display/case/battery mgmt, etc)
15:43:48yangMy guess about rockbox GUI interface is, it probably cannot be changed to icons?
15:45:15yanglike different "theme" ?
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16:32:19_bilgus_ yang the main interface uses text and icons I don't think there is a way to turn off the text like there is for the icons
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18:05:12braewoodsspeachy: yea, i see that. at least we could go this route if all else failed..
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