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#rockbox log for 2022-01-26

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02:30:38braewoodsspeachy, _bilgus_: are either of you familiar with SDCC? i've been trying to update the toolchain this old project requires but while i have been able to fix compile errors so far i have been unable to resolve most of the linker errors as i'm unfamiliar with how this toolchain even works. the project copy is here braewoods/dpf-ax/tree/sdcc">
02:30:47braewoodsthe last known version to work is sdcc 2.9
02:31:13braewoodsi'm not sure what changed in 3.x and newer but i run into faults primarily after compilation has occurred
02:41:10braewoodsi may end up being stuck with 2.9 but i would like to upgrade the toolchain if possible
02:41:21braewoodsit would make it easier to use the repo with newer distributions
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03:04:14braewoodsok.. looks like the first issue is a bug in sdcc 3.x
03:04:18braewoods3.0 rather
03:04:33braewoodssuch a stupid mistake. i'll see if i can patch and recompile.
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13:26:16hombrelaserProbably kind of offtopic, but do you know if the firewire port of the iPod transmits metadata too? I want to see if its possible to transmit this metadata to an arduino board and display it on an LCD screen, just "NOW PLAYING - Simple Minds - Theme for Great Cities" for example.
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15:25:07_bilgus_hombrelaser, probably have better luck catching someone that might know on the forums but a few ipod people come around here just not like clockwork
15:25:52_bilgus_braewoods, sorry thats greek to me
15:36:25hombrelaserthanks _bilgus_, will try on the forums
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16:04:56just_a_rockDoes rockbox support Bluetooth?
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17:09:36_bilgus_nope, isn't finished on hosted and not implemented on baremetal
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19:45:08braewoods_bilgus_: ok, thought you might know something. it's for intel mcs51 microcontroller family and a few others.
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