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#rockbox log for 2022-01-31

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16:58:53koniuheyup, sansa clip zip with a large sd card here, i'm using a large playlist to achieve quickly accessible 'shuffle all' function. but i've just gone over 32000 entries and it's getting cropped. is there a way to raise the max playlist length >32000 without rebuilding?
17:00:24koniuor another way to achieve 'shuffle all'? preferably not involving rockbox database as that can be quite slow
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17:35:09_bilgus_daily clipzip here let me tell you the ddatabase is faster than searching the card
17:36:30_bilgus_koniu, still without recompiling how would you expect more than 32k entries
17:37:59_bilgus_and be aware the battery life is decreased the more ram you take from audio buffer you won't notice 100k but you will notice 1mb
17:38:38_bilgus_I made a lua plugin that is under demos lua_scripts that will do what you want
17:38:54_bilgus_it uses the database files though
17:39:05_bilgus_so database needs to be built
17:42:48_bilgus_koniu in the random_playlist.lua plugin it has a repeat history assuming you have enough songs it won't allow a repeat of a song for that many entries
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18:07:20koniuhmm, im struggling to even build the database to check it out lol
18:07:40koniuits getting stuck at "2 found" ...
18:18:12_bilgus_latest dev build?
18:25:50_bilgus_under settings > General > Database > Select Directories did you select directories?
18:26:27_bilgus_are you running from the sd card? .. You should be to save your flash
18:41:16koniuyep boot from sd
18:41:25koniudunno what the glitch was but now it's slowly building
18:41:49koniudo you load to ram?
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18:57:16_bilgus_ no
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19:00:12koniuhmm i dont really see how to use that script to my convenience
19:00:39koniubattery life has not been an issue somehow
19:01:47koniui use a shell script that creates a playlist with all music files on the card and dumps it into the playlist dir
19:02:17koniuthen i just go playlist catalogue -> ALL and presto, i can shuffle all
19:02:53koniuif something cool comes up maybe i navigate to files and play the album
19:03:09koniuand then go back to the ALL playlist
19:31:53_bilgus_that script uses the database and randomly selects a file and builds a playlist of n files
19:32:27_bilgus_~400-1000 files covers a 40 hr work week with skips
19:34:21_bilgus_not sure how thats any different on the end experience besides not hitting the 32k limit and having random tracks
19:36:53_bilgus_you can even tweak it to your hearts content since its a script
19:37:09_bilgus_OR compile a build with > 32k limit
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