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#rockbox log for 2022-02-03

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12:14:13salty-horsewith the latest version of rockbox on my xduii3ii, the pitch screen controls are not working correctly. I can't exit the screen, holding BUTTON_PREV tweaks the value, then immediately exits the screen, and other weirdness. Can anyone confirm?
12:25:12salty-horseerror building the simulator: rockbox/apps/buffering.c:174:13: error: variably modified ‘buffering_stack’ at file scope
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12:55:29_bilgussalty-horse, something in there is not a static value
12:55:52_bilgusDEFAULT_STACK_SIZE? sizeof(long) ehh
12:56:42salty-horseDEFAULT_STACK_SIZE is a #define
13:00:09_bilgustry doing this.. static long buffering_stack[272];
13:01:00_bilgusi did 512 + 0x2000 / 32 which I believe is the proper val for most targets might be a bit small hosted
13:09:11_bilgussaltyhorse as for the pitchscreen likely the addition of buttons for prev/next is bothering it
13:09:35_bilgusyou will have to mess with the keymap till you find a combo that works
13:11:41_bilgusif you still can't figure it out let me know and we can try some tests to see if there is a quirk we need to work around (likely why the PREV/NEXT were set to 0)
13:12:28_bilgusalso try the volume buttons and see if it still exits
13:27:25_bilgusIf the device supports multiple keys its pretty easy but if not I think we could probably add a few variables to keep track of the last key in the button code and just emulate PREV?NEXT release and repeat events at the button driver level
13:34:40salty-horse_bilgus, the volume buttons tweak the settings, they don't quit. I'll experiment with older builds tomorrow
13:35:00salty-horseit used to work before I started using the new build I made yesterday
13:38:25_bilgusnot sure what your previous build was but it still has the same button handling prior to #g3718 so my guess is the keymap unless the device has some extra plugin handling the othr do not
13:38:46_bilgus*the others do not*
13:39:00salty-horse_bilgus, when switching to constant, it complains about another definition. The issue is with DEFAULT_STACK_SIZE
13:40:51salty-horseI'll report back tomorrow
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14:35:27_bilgusyou'd think it would complain about redef of the define but that is hosted ??
14:38:39salty-horse_bilgus, sorry, I don't follow. "hosted"? Are you seeing the same error or is it just me?
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15:09:45_bilgusI'm not seeing the error on fuzeplus or clipzip target or sim I'm assuming its in the hosted code
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