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#rockbox log for 2022-02-09

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09:17:06user_that was meant for my irc client, but I do need some help though
09:19:03user_I am running rockbox on my xDuoo X3ii and I am extremely impressed with it so far. The only issue I am having concerns embeded album art. All my mp3's have embedded images as "FRONT_COVER" in 24-bit 400x400 jpegs. Yet some show up while others do not. Is there some specific thing I am missing in getting embeded images to work?
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10:12:23sporksome of those jpg's might be 'progressive' which will not work
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14:27:10blebwonder if there's a rockbox mp3 player which takes aaa or aa batteries, and can recharge them when plugged in?
14:27:25blebI've been looking at sansas but idk if any of them will recharge nimh batteries
14:27:51blebor better yet... anything that takes 18650 cells?
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15:27:08speachynothing that I'm aware of. some of the early iriver stuff ran on AA/AAAs but they had very limited internal flash space and no sd/etc storage.
15:27:42speachy18650 is a rather awkward form factor.
15:27:48speachyfor a portable player, I mean
15:36:50braewoodsbleb: i would say none given AAA or AA are typically non-rechargeable
15:36:59braewoodsbleb: or must be charged in specialized chargers
15:37:21braewoodsnimh is rather complicated to charge quickly for example
15:38:41braewoodsyou might be able to mod some of the larger players with a cylindrical lithium cell but why?
15:38:53braewoodsyou're generally stuck with the pouch cells
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17:05:32blebpretty sure xbone controllers can charge nimh batteries when plugged in, then use the charge when unplugged
17:05:57blebbut I guess early mp3 players weren't designed with this in mind
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