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#rockbox log for 2022-02-10

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04:19:46user181308142001spork: thanks for the hint, I am not sure if that is the entirety of the issue, but it does look like some of those images were interlaced
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12:43:20nihilazohi, my xduoo x3 with rockbox is having some issues, namely that all the controls don't seem to be working and the volume is set to maximum any time I turn it on
12:43:50nihilazothe volume buttons seem to be stuck in somehow so I thinkg this might be a hardware issue rather than a rockbox issue, but here is most likely to be the place people know how to fix it
12:44:46speachynihilazo: the volume buttons can get stuck. it's happened to me several times FWIW
12:45:18nihilazohow can I fix it?
12:45:19speachyall buttons other than the power button are on a shared input.
12:45:54nihilazoah, so the power button being stuck would cause the others to not be usable
12:45:59speachytake off the back cover and use a very thin screwdriver to jiggle the volume switches.
12:46:17speachyI've had mine break off; replaced them once already
12:49:35nihilazoat least it's not a difficult fix, I got scared that I'd need a new player when I accidentally started blasing 100 gecs in the bus and couldn't make it stop
12:49:42nihilazoalthough I do have a backup player in that case
12:51:27speachymy current annoyance with it is that the headphone detect randomly misfires causing the line out volume to drop until I hit the volume button again
12:51:30speachyor replug
12:52:14speachypretty sure it's because I've heavily abused my x3 over the years.
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13:36:42nihilazoah, I don't have the correct screwdriver to open the case
13:36:54nihilazoand I don't know what size/shape that screw is
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13:49:37nihilazoah it's a torx t5. I need to grab one
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19:51:01foxthi all, i'm trying to build rockbox for ipodvideo on ubuntu 2004, i'm following the readme of the rockbox/rockbox github page, but whenever i run the script i get an error: `make[1]: Leaving directory '/tmp/rbdev-build/build-binutils'` `make: *** [Makefile:847: all] Error 2`, any pointers?
19:58:48foxtoh, oops, i forgot some dependencies, helps to rtfm i guess
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21:02:53_bilgus_we have a couple nice guides on the wiki as well if you get stuck again
21:03:41_bilgus_I can finally set buttons in the key remap plugin now I just need to implment like 50 more things
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