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#rockbox log for 2022-02-14

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13:06:44nihilazohi, it's me again with the x3 from a while ago. I wiggled the switches around and confirmed it was a hardware issue because now the down button and the other buttons work, but the volume up button isn't working at all. Is there some way to either a) fix this, for somebody who sucks at soldering or b) work around it in rockbox?
13:53:44braewoodsyou can't really work around a hardware issue like this
13:54:12braewoodsbut given the simplicity of most button inputs, it's probably a broken connection or a loose one
13:54:55braewoodssimple buttons just act like an intermittent switch, closing a circuit to signal
14:01:16braewoodsnihilazo: might be easier to buy another unit that is still working properly. they do show up on ebay sometimes. i think i saw one recently.
14:02:13braewoodsoh they sold already 3 days ago
14:02:15braewoodsgo figure
14:04:02nihilazoI don't want to buy a new one
14:04:30braewoodsit's usually "used" at this point. :P
14:04:33braewoodsbut ok
14:04:52nihilazoit's still a new one to me
14:05:01nihilazobecause I buy everything used, a new used thing is a new thing in my mind
14:05:20braewoodsI have 2 xduoo x3s i bought for dev work but i haven't had time to do anything with them
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14:48:33nihilazosomebody with some soldering skill could probably easily re-attach the button
14:48:35nihilazoI'm not that person
14:49:00nihilazoI wonder if there's a repair shop near me that would be happy to do literally a <5 minute soldering job where the customer has already diagnosed the issue and knows the fix lol
14:49:50braewoodsnihilazo: doubtful. lots of risk when soldering.
14:52:07speachynihilazo: I've resoldered the switches on mine; it's a bit of a PITA though. and I had to find new switches because one of the old ones was completely destroyed in the impact .
14:52:43*speachy doesn't have terribly steady hands. and the eyesight has started to go too.
14:53:09_bilgus_nihilazo, if you still have some buttons that do work you could in theory make it still work
14:53:15speachy(...I guess my parents should have gone for the extended warranty...)
14:53:41nihilazomine doesn't have a warranty I don't think
14:53:43_bilgus_remap whatever is left to up and down and use menus to do settings
14:54:05nihilazoand my only experience with soldering small things is bridging a million connections
14:54:16nihilazothis seems a bit easier than things I've done before though
14:54:35_bilgus_nihilazo, get electronics flux and leaded solder
14:54:44_bilgus_and copper braid
14:54:48nihilazoI have flux and braid
14:55:00nihilazothe problem is that I think all my soldering iron tips are awful
14:55:08_bilgus_those items and even a mediocre soldering iron will get you through most
14:55:17nihilazosolder doesn't wet to them at all
14:55:39speachythe first step is to pop the back off the player and eyeball the switch. it might be purely mechanical and can be fixed with some twiddling with tweezers or whatnot.
14:55:52_bilgus_so what I do in that case is wrap solid copper wire ~ 14 ga and tin it real well to the tip
14:56:01speachyin my case the little plastic protrusion that the external button pressed against was torn off.
14:56:26nihilazoso glad that this player is easy to disassemble
14:56:30nihilazojust undo 2 screws
14:56:39nihilazonone of this glued-together bs
14:56:59speachyand if you drop it in just the right way you don't even need to replace the screws as the back just stays on!
14:58:23nihilazoI'm still replacing the screws but yeah, I like the design of just
14:58:28nihilazounscrew it, there's the PCB
14:58:40nihilazosure it's torx screws but they're not that much of a pain to get a driver for
15:03:00nihilazoOK I'm not sure that this actually is something coming desoldered. I think the buttom might be bad
15:03:06nihilazoit's certainly pushing against the switch
15:03:28nihilazoit looks still soldered on
15:03:32nihilazoreplacing the switch would be more of a pain
15:04:36speachynihilazo: sounds like what happened to mine.
15:08:50nihilazook, I guess I'll try replacing the switch sometime
15:08:57nihilazowhere did you get the replacement one?
15:11:05speachynihilazo: that's a good question. took a while to find the right onw.
15:31:55nihilazoif you remember the part number or other stuff then I'd like to know what to get
15:35:15speachyyeah, can't recall where I got them so it's proving difficult to find my records
15:49:24speachyI have seven left of the 10 I ordered
15:50:28speachyI could send a couple to you if you'd like.
15:51:04speachyI ended up needing to replace both volume switches and destroyed the first one I'd tried to place. :D
15:53:04speachyhuh, must have placed the order through my former employer's email.
15:53:15speachyglad I was able to find the physical package in my box o' rockbox
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