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#rockbox log for 2022-02-17

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07:42:01steelbasHi all, I've still been having some trouble with an ipod 4g photo/color with an iflash SD card (I replied in the big forum post on the topic,,52560.msg249953.html#msg249953 ). Setting UDMA to 1 seemed to help but still hasn't made the device usable. I'd like to try and disable DMA to see if that will help, but I can't really find where to do that in the code. Could anyone help me out?
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07:55:10steelbasAh, never mind, I found it after all. firmware/export/config/ipodcolor.h , right?
07:55:15steelbasI'm compiling now
07:58:17steelbasOh... I think I must've done something wrong, I copied the new build to the ipod, but the boot loader can't load rockbox.ipod 'cuz of a bad checksum
08:36:37steelbasAnd now I can't write anything to the ipod at all anymore, the kernel informed me there was a corrupted directory and that it set the file system to read-only... Running dosfsck now
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10:42:49_bilgus_steelbas, probably best to start over from the beginning
10:43:45_bilgus_restore from iTunes and all that jazz, sorry to be so uninformative but iPods are not my thing
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10:47:23steelbas_bilgus_ thanks, I'll probably do that. Still waiting for the fsck to complete, though. There's usually not a checksum that needs to be created at the end of a normal build compilation, right?
10:59:08_bilgus_likely the file is corrupted but I'm not sure which checksum you are running afoul
10:59:31_bilgus_there is a checksum on the fw file getting loaded
11:00:08_bilgus_if its that likely you just didn't get a good copy if its something inherent to the apple side of things yeah NO CLUE
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11:01:15_bilgus_next thing you should try a different sd card just to be doubly sure its not a hardware issue
11:01:47steelbasMm! Yes, that's a good idea of course
11:02:08steelbasI don't have a lot of them lying around, but I have an old 4gb one that should be fine for testing
11:02:49steelbasBut for now I'll wait for the fsck to finish and probably try to copy over the latest devbuild again just to see if it will boot again
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16:30:38_bilgus_steelbas, any luck?
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16:52:33steelbasNope,fsck is stuck on "Checking for bad clusters." I guess I won't wait for it to ever finish and just reformat it with iTunes. But I'll do that tomorrow, it's time to sleep
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