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#rockbox log for 2022-02-18

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11:48:09steelbas_bilgus_ Back for more! I just formatted my 512 gb SD card as well as a 4 gb card I had laying around. Restoring both with iTunes now, then the first thing I'm going to check is if the partition table is readable for both. I expect not, but hopefully that won't inhibit their working with Rockbox
11:55:46steelbas(I'll just document my progress here, to have it somewhere)
11:56:19steelbasAs expected, so far: both SD cards show an undetected file system.
11:57:26steelbasI'll try to install my Rockbox build with disabled DMA and UDMA set to 1, now. (This is my iPod 4g color/photo, see this post,52560.msg249953.html#msg249953)
11:57:37steelbasFirst on the 4gb sd card
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12:16:04steelbasAlright, the 4gb SD card with my DMA-less and UMDA 1 Rockbox build boots. So that at least suggests that the checksum fail was caused by general filesystem corruption last time and not a fault in the build itself
12:16:20steelbasGuess I'll load some music on the device now to see how that performs
12:17:39steelbasPlugins work, at least.
12:19:47steelbasDebug->View disk info no longer shows "DMA mode: UDMA 1" but nothing. Guess that's because I disabled DMA.
12:29:00steelbasMusic playback *seems* stable on the 4gb SD card. Switching to different songs or albums while playing also works. Database initialises correctly, and the Random folder advance config plugin also works.
12:29:31steelbasGuess I'll see how the 512 GB card fares, now.
12:30:17steelbasMan, Rockbox is one sexy system if it works how it's supposed to
12:35:56steelbasThe 512 GB card boots with my Rockbox build, too. Interestingly, it shows a 4gb card under Rockbox info...
12:39:01steelbasHmm, it couldn't open the clock plugin
12:39:23steelbasAh, and now it also fails on the calculator plugin
12:39:38steelbasThat one worked on the 4GB card
12:43:10steelbasI'm going to restore it with iTunes again. See if that makes it see the disk at 4gb at least. Might've been because I switched out the cards without pulling out the battery from the ipod
12:43:27steelbasBut it's not looking good for my expensive 512GB card, so far
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14:26:43steelbasWellp, restored with itunes again, installed the modified Rockbox build again and put some music on the SD card, but it's giving a playlist control file error again. After rebooting it plays back fine for a short while but then quickly gives the error again. Plugins don't work. Guess the SD card is indeed faulty.
14:27:02steelbasI'm going to test with the 4gb SD card some more to make sure that continues to work as it's supposed to.
14:27:29steelbasAlso with the regular dev build, without DMA disabled and UDMA set to 1
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14:57:58steelbasOkay, guess it's the conclusion you always hope it isn't, as a user, but the 4gb SD card seems completely stable. Also with the latest development version. So I guess I'll shop around for a new bigger SD card.
15:28:08_bilgus_steelbas, it (sd) might just be incompatible with the device i'd try running some bad block tests from your pc
15:28:36_bilgus_it could also be one of those cards thats says 512GB but is only 32 or somesuch
15:29:28_bilgus_Someone has some scripts for fake sd tests lets see if I can find it
15:30:27steelbasWell, I'm pretty sure about its size, but it did just occur to me that it is a micro SD and the first conversion thingie to a larger size gave me some trouble
15:30:34steelbasI'm trying with another converter now
15:31:03_bilgus_well the writes go through but when you verify them they come back corrupted
15:31:12_bilgus_in the fake sd case
15:31:25steelbasYeah, I'll also try that script, thanks!
15:32:31_bilgus_that being said I have run into cards that just won't work with my device yet prefectly fine in say my phone
15:33:20steelbasWell, at least the 4gb card seems to work well. That gives one hope, at least
15:33:51steelbasThough it's strange that that one also has an unreadable file system
15:34:04steelbasGuess that's "normal" with an iflash thing
15:35:18_bilgus_might try wiping the card completely and then reformat there seems to be from time to time a card that won't work after reformat from exfat
15:35:43_bilgus_I don't use apple devices so I can't verify that
15:35:57_bilgus_(normal for iflash)
15:36:12steelbasMe neither, I'm running itunes in Windows
15:36:20steelbasAnd I think that formats to fat32
15:37:01_bilgus_the windows formatter won't do more than 32 (64?) gb as fat 32 you need a 3rd party tool
15:37:14_bilgus_ituner though I imagine works
15:37:56steelbasI've been using Linux to reformat the cards
15:38:20steelbasiTunes *seems* to work. The ipod OS indicates it has 500GB free, at least
15:38:22_bilgus_I think linux is where the failed format from exfat happens
15:38:43_bilgus_but I too use linux to reformat and haven't had it happen to me yet
15:39:01_bilgus_the forum has some threads on it brb
15:39:04steelbasHmm I might be confusing terms, here. Isn't exfat the Apple filesystem?
15:39:33steelbasI thought if you use itunes on a Mac to restore an iPod it made the thing exfat, and if you use Windows, it makes the thing fat32
15:39:53steelbasSo in my case, exfat should never come into the equation, right?
15:40:08steelbasOr do you figure the iflash thing only works properly with exfat cards?
15:42:26steelbasIn that case you'd think the 4GB card would also give trouble
15:43:47_bilgus_I doubt the 4gb card was ever anything other than fat32
15:45:28_bilgus_I'm pretty sure exfat is the extended fat filesystem they put on big sd cards from the factory
15:45:54_bilgus_mac is probably something else but rockbox must have FAT32
15:48:01steelbasHmm, okay. So I'd need something like RMPrepUSB for Linux to get a more complete format, you think?
15:49:00_bilgus_those are for windows in linux you can just dd a bunch of 0 and re partition
15:49:36steelbasYeah, that's what I was thinking
15:50:22steelbasWell, not to jinx anything, but I just finished the entire process of format, itunes restore, Rockbox install again with another micro-sd converter, and playback of the first few files is working, as well as plugins
15:50:31steelbasso it *may* just have been that
15:50:38steelbasThis calls for further testing, methinks
15:50:41_bilgus_someone told me they had good luck with using gparted only and deleting and recreating the partitions
15:51:11steelbasI actually remade the filesystem each time, too
15:51:34steelbasWell, I can't remake the partitions with gparted now, as it keeps showing that the filesystem is unreadable
15:51:51steelbasAs soon as iTunes "restores" it, it becomes unreadable for gparted
15:51:56_bilgus_dd won't :)
15:51:59steelbasCan still mount the partition, tho
15:52:33_bilgus_I just don't have any idea as far as itunes __builtin might know
15:52:41_bilgus_he does ipods
15:52:56_bilgus_or at least uses them
15:53:04steelbasYeah that sounds healthier
15:54:13steelbasAh, nope, there we go again, trying to open the calendar plugin just didn't work again
15:54:20steelbasThat's usually a bad sign.
15:54:48steelbasYup, opening a music file now also doesn't work anymore
15:55:05steelbasSo it wasn't the micro-sd converter
15:56:44steelbasSo. New plan: 1. dd the card 2. new partition table 3. new fat32 file system, 4. iTunes restore, 5. Rockbox install
15:56:55steelbasThat's what you suggest, right?
16:02:05_bilgus_up to 3
16:02:26_bilgus_4, 5 sure if thats what the install guide says
16:03:10steelbasOh! Hmm, well, now that you mention it, that was partially my assumption, too... I'll try going straight to the Rockbox install, see what that does
16:03:27steelbasBut first, I just remembered, to test the SD card to see if it's actually 512gb
16:04:05steelbasWellll I'll dd it first, I think
16:04:20steelbasGetting it readable by partitioning software again might help
16:11:13_bilgus_it should be fat32 at the start then I suppose you need to reformat in itunes and get the apple fw booting
16:11:25_bilgus_sorry restore in itunes
16:11:54_bilgus_and I see a mention of apple HFS but I'm pretty sure you don't want that
16:14:22_bilgus_oh even better
16:15:27_bilgus_it looks like what rb wants to do is occupy a second partition
16:18:40steelbasYes, though that is also the partition scheme that results from itunes restoring the device
16:19:04steelbasI know because I used this manual restore process on my device earlier, too
16:19:28_bilgus_and that from the windows side
16:19:51_bilgus_so it sounds like yes it should be the proper steps for 4, 5
16:20:34steelbasI'd prefer to do a manual restore, but the thing is that it mentiones .ipsw (partition table files) files to download for your devide, which are only for devices with a 20 or 40 gb disk
16:20:44_bilgus_give me a few to look at speachys code to fix the iflash stuff
16:21:17steelbasThough I could perhaps use such a file anyway and then expand the partition that results
16:21:24steelbasProbably not though
16:23:59_bilgus_ok so its all in the ata driver
16:24:16_bilgus_so your ipod should behave just fine with the iflash
16:24:30_bilgus_sow the disabling dma has been done before
16:25:51steelbasdd is still running, I hope that's not a bad sign
16:26:00steelbasThough I suppose it could take a while for 512gb
16:26:56steelbasYeah, though it turned out disabling dma was not necessary after all with the latest dev build. If my experience with the 4gb card is any indicator, anyway
16:31:17steelbas> I know because I used this manual restore process on my device earlier, too. What I meant here, by the way, is that I used it on the original 20 gb hard disk that was in the device. I haven't used this process on the SD card, as I can't use the partition table files
16:34:04_bilgus_rockbox/firmware/export/config/ipodcolor.h here you removed #define HAVE_ATA_DMA?
16:34:35steelbasI think so, let me check
16:35:52steelbasYes, that's what I did
16:36:15_bilgus_ok cool so I'm gonna say that card is the fault
16:36:49_bilgus_but dd will take forever on 512 gb
16:36:54_bilgus_so lets hope that works
16:37:03steelbasHeh, yeah, that's what I'm still gravitating towards, too
16:37:14steelbasBut hey, who knows, dd might work
16:38:13_bilgus_I'm up to a single 256 gb card but my rule has been thus far to buy one or two steps down from the leading size
16:38:42_bilgus_64 gb when 128 gb was $100
16:39:17_bilgus_its served me well except anything from PNY
16:39:21steelbasAnd I'm thinking I'll try the manual restore process anyway, with the firmware for my model. The instructions say to format the second partition anyway, so I might be able to format it bigger, then
16:39:32steelbasWhat do you mean leading size?
16:39:44_bilgus_like whatever is the latest greates
16:39:44steelbasAh also this is a PNY card, heh
16:39:57_bilgus_yeah PNY is junk IMO
16:40:29steelbasHeh, good to know
16:40:59_bilgus_ive had pny flashdrives and sd cards all have failed in my car and device
16:41:27steelbasI might do a 256 gb card, it's more affordable. I really liked the space 512gb afforded me, tho. Classical music tends to take up a lot of space
16:41:34steelbasWhat brand are you using now?
16:43:21_bilgus_in the car its a usb to sd adapter no idea on the brand in my daily device its a sandisk
16:43:40_bilgus_128gb my dash cam has a sandisk 256gb
16:44:36_bilgus_the dashcm did lock up last week though so it might be failingtoo
16:44:56steelbasUSB to sd adapter? That's interesting... A lot more affordable than SD cards. I could tape a usb drive to the back of my iPod and connect it to the iflash drive inside :p
16:45:06_bilgus_that was the exception I bought that when it came out (256G)
16:45:10steelbasI don't think I will
16:45:22_bilgus_heh it goes the other way
16:45:28_bilgus_the car wants a usb drive
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16:45:42_bilgus_everything sticks out 3" and gets killed
16:45:45steelbasWell, given that we're up to 2tb SD cards these days, I don't think 256 is only one step below the leading size anymore
16:45:52steelbasOh, right, that makes sense
16:46:20_bilgus_I bought it when it was #1 though
16:47:02_bilgus_the other thing is buy them locally
16:47:19steelbasNot from ebay or something, you mean :p
16:48:04_bilgus_I like that about stores I have my reciept and i'll be leaving with my money or a new card
16:48:43steelbasWell, here in the Netherlands we have pretty good consumer protection if you buy online, so as long as I buy from a Dutch web store it should also be fine
16:57:38steelbasBy the way, you might have more insight into this than me: when you look at /firmware/target/arm/pp/ata-target.h, the code seems to suggest that something different is done for 4g ipods (in line 74). But the ipod color, which is also a 4g ipod, is named separately in the /firmware/export/config directory—"ipodcolor" instead of "ipod4g". Does that mean this code might not work on ipod colors? I understand if this is outside of your expertise, though
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17:13:09_bilgus_I'd say that you are correct in your assumption
17:16:18_bilgus_if it makes a difference trying #if CPUFREQ_NORMAL >= 30000000 && !defined(IPOD_4G) && !defined(IPOD_COLOR)
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21:39:32_bilgus_ g#3274 should be pretty well usable in its current state should anyone be interested in remapping keys
21:39:35rb-bluebotGerrit review #3274 at : Add custom action mapping to core WIP by William Wilgus
21:40:56_bilgus_it still needs a way to save, load, test key remap files but whats there will start with the test remap and save everything after a restart it should be loaded
21:41:38_bilgus_it still has a ways to go and needs some polish but i'm pretty pleased so far
21:43:18_bilgus_for the testing of keymaps i'm thinking letting the user set a context and display the return from get_action
21:44:01_bilgus_my other thought was to create a list of buttons and highlight them when pressing buttons then a box with all the actions it would trigger
21:49:11_bilgus_I was not able to get a proper action returned from get_action when TIMEOUT_BLOCK was used I think this is a known issue but am unsure if we ever discovered a root cause
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