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#rockbox log for 2022-02-19

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09:21:47Guest5Hi all. It seems I'm unable to charge my 6th gen Ipod Classic, as it's stuck on the "low battery.." screen since a few hours ago and I cannot boot into the stock Apple firmware. Any suggestion?
09:22:27Guest5I've tried different chargers and ports (AC and USB), but it still won't charge enough to let me boot
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09:41:49roeeklHi, did anyone tried compiling and running Rockbox Utility on the Apple Silicon? I've managed to compile it successfully and ran it for a couple of minutes, but then it crashed and now I can run it again.
10:05:55_bilgus_Guest5, I'd guess that the battery is toast but maybe its the charge controller?? sorry not an apple user
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12:06:42bluebrotherroeekl: do you have anything indicating why it crashed? I don't think anyone used it on Apple Silicon before (at least I don't have such a device −− only a rather old Mac)
12:14:34roeeklI actually found in the forums a dmg file of a working utility, so everything is ok
12:26:30bluebrotherah, the post with "development binaries"? ;-)
12:31:09bluebrotherbut if you have any indication why a native Apple Silicon build crashes I'd be interested.
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19:17:16steelbasGuest5, check out this recent thread. You could try with power banks, too, they sometimes give different results. Also, in the past I've had success with opening the ipod and replugging the battery connector
19:17:41steelbasAlso you could try the ipod modding Discord channel, there's some specialists in there
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20:57:22braewoodsGiven the age, it's often the battery if you don't know how old the existing one is.
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