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#rockbox log for 2022-02-20

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10:30:01_bilgus_#g3274 now has the ability to load your previous keymaps for editing and the ability to reset the current entries, getting there slowly ..
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18:52:37CH23good [time of day] all, i'm having some serious issues generating the voicefiles to read out system menus.
18:52:37CH23I am using Cepstral Swift for it, on linux, and have a license for 1 consecutive process.
18:52:38CH23The rockbox utility doesn't care about that, and so it fails to create most of the wave files. As a workaround I have made a 'stub' bash file which relies the commands rbutil sends with a 4 second sleep time inbetween. It still occasionally fails this way, so I manually made all the needed LANG_X.wav and VOICE_X.wav files, as well as made those
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18:52:39CH23Now I am facing a new issue:
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18:52:39CH23[talkgenerator.cpp:181 ERROR] wavtrim returned error on "/tmp/rbvoice//LANG_0.wav"
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18:52:40CH23How can I proceed? I can't find any "manual" steps to get from these 910 wave files to the voicefiles...
19:01:45CH23also braewoods, I read the logs almost religiously after i've asked for something in here, i'm sure i'm not the only one ;)
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19:45:55Kaucukanybody alive here?
19:46:05KaucukHi there to whoever is
19:48:25KaucukI just dusted of my beloved iRivers H120 and H320 with customised 128gb SSD and CF cards in instead of the original HDDs and I found out I am still in love with these super cool players for one only reason, the superior firmware
19:49:30Kaucukso if there is at the moment anyone who participated on the iRiver version, pleas accept my gratefulness
19:50:01Kaucukanyways, there is one question which I was bother by back days and I am now again...
19:51:23Kaucukthe H3xx with it's obscure host USB port was always tempting for me in terms of using it as extended music library source, but noone ever implemented this function into the FW and it keeps making me wonder why is that...
19:52:35Kaucukwouldn't it be actually cool to have the H3xx unit as a universal player to which you would simply connect some sort of external media over the USB and play the files from it?
19:54:00CH23although I don't have an exact answer, most of the time it's either because it's functionality that can't be used for other devices (so a lot of development effort for very little gain) or because the people working on that device don't have the time or resources to do so
19:54:23LongclawIt's a question of time investment ultimately, of course it'd be cool to have that, but it's not essential, and it's not like it's easily transferrable to other models either
19:57:07braewoodsKaucuk: it's because the H300 is a weird player with both hardware and software USB.
19:57:30braewoodsRockbox wasn't really equipped for something like that.
19:57:48braewoodsIt's also such a rare oddity that no one bothered to support the OTG in it.
19:58:11Kaucukyeah, no, I don't doubt and in any means don't try to put this as a blame we don't have it yet, but I was simply curious...
19:58:43braewoodsi'm just stating the obstacles that would have be overcome somehow.
19:59:14KaucukI found this ancient record on the rockbox page and it seams like the testing started, but had some failures and I guess it can be pretty frustrating for what people would gain from it...
19:59:16braewoodsthere's also the fact the USB software stack was written for little endian CPUs and the H300 uses a big endian CPU. you'd probably have to do some revisions to the USB stack for it to work.
19:59:39braewoodsi know all about it, as i was researching the same issue.
19:59:44braewoodswhen i was working on the H300 bootloader
20:04:55Kaucukgod bless you for that... :o) as I said I love both of those devices, I first got my iRiver H120, and I was simply amazed by hum much more functionality it got by installing the rockbox to it... it might be now some 15years already, and I still love using the thing for recording and for playing also... its digital optical I/O is simply something no
20:04:56Kaucukother player can compete with... hehe and than my back days boss was throwing away his 320, so I took that one also, moded it with 128GB CF card and both of those babies can hold me 250GB of music on go with no need to worry about even touching the files in terms of compatibility conversion... and on the top of that I love looks of people who don't
20:04:56Kaucukknow what those things are and you show them that you can play DOOM on that small little box... hehe...
20:05:42Kaucukanyways, enough of my flooding here, thank you for your reactions and have a good one... Rockbox Rulezzzzzz !!!!
20:09:19Longclawthis is reminding me of the iriver t60 I had a while ago
20:09:31Longclawi remember nothing about it except that it was triangular
20:10:10Kaucukyeah, I remeber that one from adverts I got in the mailbox in which the original h120 came
20:13:39Kaucukoh now, the one I thought you referring to was the very first triangular one... the IFP-799 from 2004
20:14:46Longclawah no, there were a few triangular ones it seems, I'm reasonably sure mine was the t60
20:15:09Longclawbut that was before I paid much attention to that sort of detail and I no longer have it, so all I'm going on is pictures and memory
20:16:55Kaucukwell, anyways, I am off to bed, here in Czech Rep. it is 2:15 am, I just finished some HW repairs on some semi old computers of my friends and it is time fro rest... thank you again for the sentimental chat:) here... and have a good one...
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20:27:33CH23I'm going to sleep as well, I hope someone can answer my questions about the rbutil/voicefile generation. i'll check the IRC logs. night!
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