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#rockbox log for 2022-02-22

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08:00:00MalinuxHi. I have an iPod classic 6th genration 160GB No modding, just orignal hw. I had rockbox up working, but decided to restore my iPod to factory to see if that solved the slow transfer speed. I then reinstalled rockbox with RockBox utility and ran into the "No partition found, insert USB cable and fix it" issue. I've tried to restore the iPod mulitple times and each time I am back to that issue.
08:00:02MalinuxI've also tried to re format the iPOD to fat32 and restored it with iTunes again and reinstalled rockbox with same results. I've tried to run RockBox utility from both windows and linux with same results, so at least that probably not the issue. So after all this attempts, I figured I better ask if someone else knows something about how to solve this :)
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09:22:09_bilgus_Malinux, I don't use apple devices but maybe this guide might help?,54105.0.html
09:23:35_bilgus_( do use a dev version not 3.15 as it has important fixes even beyond the iflash stuff)
09:25:00_bilgus_Also in the future you just need to copy a new .rockbox folder over the existing one ( or delete/rename it), no need to start over from scratch
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11:02:27Malinux_bilgus_: thanks, I'll give that one a try. I've tried with the dev version also though :)
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11:23:39prgI'm getting a "variably modified 'buffering_stack' at file scope" compilation error when trying to compile the SDL simulator using latest rockbox git sources: I'm using gcc 11.2.0 and wanted to pass this info along
11:33:48speachyprg: that's... odd. I wonder if MINSIGSTKSZ is a variable in newer glibcs or something.
11:36:26prgAha thanks. Appreciate the link to the libc discussion
11:36:47speachyno clean way around this other than to just pick a (big) nubmer and go with it
11:37:27prgThat's what I was thinking :) I'll give that a shot. Thanks!
11:38:13speachyit's clearly being actively discussed so it might just "go away" in the near future
11:39:16prgCool :) I'll keep an eye on that thread
11:57:21prgAnother question: i'm running into a linker error after working around the MINSIGSTKSZ issue: FWIW I don't run into this when using Debian 11 as the build OS, but I get this when using the latest archlinux packages
11:58:05prgAnd by latest archlinux packages, I just mean using an up-to-date archlinux OS as the build OS (sorry for the poor wording_
12:04:12prgNot a dealbreaker or anything for me; debian is probably a more reliable build OS since its not rolling release; but now I'm kinda curious
12:05:06speachyFedora 35 also breaks FWIW. All of my builders are running F34 which is why I didn't trip over this before
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12:08:36prgGood to know its not just me / not just arch
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16:31:47bluebrotherCH23: interesting. AFAIR we did have issues with multiprocessing when generating voice files at some point and limited it to a single thread. Though it's been long since, and I never did much with the voice stuff.
16:41:13speachyI'd imagine the speech engine being used makes a difference.
16:41:17speachysome might be thread-safe
16:41:21speachymight not, I mean.
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20:46:33larbob anyone know who wrote this wiki page? I'm trying to find a copy of these KBs and the mentioned bundle
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