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#rockbox log for 2022-02-23

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04:47:39rasherlarbob: says amiconn made the first versions in 2008
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04:52:50rasherI'm not convinced it's very relevant in this day and age
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09:04:37_bilguswell lets see how this goes
09:29:38_bilguswoo is alive
09:32:42_bilgusso far my favorite remap is [CONTEXT_WPS] [ACTION_WPS_STOP] [BUTTON_VOL_DOWN| BITTON_REPEAT] [BUTTON_NONE]
09:33:17sporkthat is a complex patch
09:33:26sporkalso, probably want to use BUTTON_REPEAT ;)
09:33:44_bilgusthe patch isn't bad its the plugin that took forever
09:34:08spork1600 lines of code with lots to keep track of
09:36:12sporkwhat does your remap do ?
09:36:34_bilgusholding vol down in wps stops playback
09:36:36sporkmaybe it is good to support some type of comment for each entry as that looks easy to confuse
09:37:41_bilgusI tried that already its info overload, it already has too much on the small screen
09:37:57sporkfair enough
09:38:13sporka wiki page with examples then!
09:38:55_bilgusI even resorted to stripping the first part of Context_ Action Button_ to make it less dense
09:39:21_bilgusyes its gonna need a plugin writeup
09:40:29_bilgusthe test function helps a lot as far as checking if reality == expectation
09:40:38sporkit is very convenient to be able to change buttons without having to edit the keymap and recompile
09:41:41_bilgusindeed −− my onus :p
09:42:28sporkdoes it have a 'reset' option ?
09:42:43sporkthat might be useful when people get stuck or need support
09:43:12_bilgusmmm you know whgat I forgot to add a remove from core item
09:43:20_bilgusthanks spork
09:43:39_bilgusyou can just delete the file from the delete list
09:45:14sporki was thinking more of a toggle to turn the feature on or off
09:45:30sporkdeleting is very powerful
09:46:08_bilgusI might revisit that since i'd like to apply remaps without restart
09:46:52_bilgusI was trying to keep from bloating the core too much (already 1.5k)
09:47:50_bilgusbut if I add it to the plugin functions I can add most of it to the plugin itsself
09:51:44larbobthanks rasher
09:51:58larbobamiconn: any chance you still have any of the interix stuff somewhere?
09:57:58_bilgusbiggest problem is that you could screw up the keymap and not be able to get back in to change it and I think we discussed a failsafe like if button held don't activate keymap
09:58:37_bilgusbut it is an advanced user kind of thing anyway
09:59:28_bilgusno less perilous doing it the old way except far less convenient
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11:35:21amiconnlarbob: No, the machine on which I tested this is long dead.
11:36:07amiconnAlso it was not very useful as interix was more off-standard wrt tools needed for building Rockbox than cygwin.
11:36:21amiconnNowadays you should probaly try either cygwin or WSL
11:36:25larbobI wanted it for other hobbyist purposes, I realize it’s not really useful
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21:42:23_bilgusassuming this next build round goes as planned there is now a way to set a key remap till restart
21:43:19_bilgusalso a way to delete the core keyremap but it does reanem the file to core_deleted.kmf.old so at least you have a way to retrieve it if you desire
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