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#rockbox log for 2022-02-24

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11:25:58MidoHey everyone
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11:26:12MidoI have a little problem.
11:26:49MidoI don't use ID3 tags whatsoever. I identify my music simply by the file name.
11:27:11MidoIf I go to Database -> Recently added, all I see it a list of <Untagged>
11:27:47MidoI want to modify Rockbox to show a file name in this tab instead of the ID3 tags.
11:28:49MidoBut I'm totally green.
11:29:07MidoCould someone give me a hint?
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13:46:32braewoodsMido: you need to tag your music files in general, it's just how it works.
13:46:43braewoodsnot unique to rockbox
13:55:16MidoThat's just one solution, the easiest and the worst one.
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15:08:55braewoodsYou have a strange definition of "worst" in this context.
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16:37:26wsaa friend of me and I want to enhance the SID playback in Rockbox
16:37:51wsawe wonder what are the slowest devices supported in Rockbox or the ones with least RAM?
16:38:21wsaWe found out the slowest is 54MHz while most are 80MHz and up
16:40:07wsaAlso, all devices seem to have like MBs of RAM?
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16:49:43wsaso 300kB for tables is not an issue?
16:50:13wsaare our investigations realistic?
16:52:21speachywsa: yeah, that's not a problem.
16:52:29speachythe main problem is a lack of floating point.
16:52:51wsaspeachy: yes, that will be addressed
16:53:36wsamy friend has an awesome small SID library and volunteered to make an integer-only version
16:54:53wsawe wonder, though, if we can determine CPU speed at runtime? One can easily spend a GHz for proper emulation, but 80MHz should be sufficient for a reasonable quality
16:55:47wsaIf we know the speed of the current CPU, we could select the apropriate approach
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