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#rockbox log for 2022-02-25

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01:02:37braewoodswhy would a sid emulator need floating point? the commodore 64 didn't even have one.
01:02:48braewoodsHW wise
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05:03:14q3kbraewoods: maybe because the SID is an analog synthesis chip? :)
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10:59:42bluebrotherwhy would one not want to tag their music but use the database? If you don't use tags simply don't use the database. There's still the file browser ...
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11:59:12bilgus_phBluebrother, trying it out its v. Annoying to have UNTAGGED in the tracks list and try to browse through
12:01:48bilgus_phG#4247 should help in all the <inbuilt file list> menus <ALL TRACKS> <RANDOM>
12:04:42bilgus_phYour namesake must be missing
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18:17:28_bilgusI dont't see how this ever worked
18:18:49_bilgusok so the clause is dependent on the same tag so we use the already defined filter?
18:19:25_bilgusbut how does that get our match? well clearly it doesn't BUT..
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20:35:10_bilgusso far I have, clauses are added by saving a tag, clause type, navifileoffset
20:36:37_bilgusthose are (atleast for non numeric tags) later turned into a filter which is indexed to a databasefile (0-10)
20:37:32_bilgusso filters are a tag and the file descriptor of the databasefile
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21:29:42_bilgusSO It appears that the logical OR is not carried over to filters and it then gets applied to whatever the next valid clause
21:31:45_bilgusthen you get the filtered items (which works) but the OR gets applied to the next clause and it causes weird things
21:32:31_bilgusProblem is I'm not sure how to decide to eliminate that OR (maybe if the clause prior is a filter and after is a filter? but then I need to keep state
21:33:07_bilgusI think maybe the better idea is to just keep all clauses in the case of an OR
21:33:23_bilgusit'll be slower but at least it'll be correct
22:05:00_bilgus Tagcache Don't create filters when parsing a logical OR
22:34:41_bilgusI guess that should be Don't reuse filters since they still get made into filters
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