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#rockbox log for 2022-03-02

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03:52:37sporkSyco54645_work: it is not cross platform (beyond windows/android) but on the forums i have read people use 'mediamonkey' to manage their device
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17:17:34just_a_rockHow can I change which icon my rockbox (clip+) shows for each file type?
17:19:11just_a_rockFor example have the txt files show as the icon with lines and a bmp as something different. Now they are both question marks, and it's difficult to tell them apart quickly...
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17:58:19Syco54645_workspork: thank you. i will look in to it, this could be what i need and more. i figured if i couldnt find anything it wouldnt be too terribly complicated to whip one up in .net, but again not cross platform. I have not made the jump to wpf/core yet so would be windows only but that wouldnt be the end of the world to know what i have synced like itunes does
18:32:35_bilgusSyco54645_work, its pretty easy to parse the database_n.tcd files for the filenames already on the device if you roll your own
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19:06:48Syco54645_work_bilgus: oh? i will have to check that out. thanks!
19:09:27Syco54645_workis there a simple way to trigger a database update via an external application. cant find anything but doesnt mean that i am looking in the correct area
19:24:52Syco54645_workwell i found the docs for the tagcache database format and even a python app to parse it so that is sweet. docs a little outdated but i can peek the tagcache.c file and sus the rest out i think. now to see if i follow through with this. haha
19:27:53_bilgussyco IIRC there is a setting to ayto-rebuild the db
19:29:13Syco54645_worki think you are correct about that, that would be usable as well
20:24:05rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f88ea12bac, 303 builds, 9 clients.
20:25:29_bilgusyay bluebot is back :)
20:27:05_bilgusmunkis, that single_mode came in handy helping a user pause for two seconds between tracks using lua, I was worried about getting events too late and the auto pause was just the ticket
20:43:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1139 seconds.
20:43:08rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f88ea12bac result: All green
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20:54:33_bilgusdepending on the tag index in use (length of each entry matters as far as how many entries are in the first 64k of the file
20:57:01_bilgusfor instance genre has an average of 32ish chars per entry so you can get around 2000 extra entries in the uniq buf by putting the indices 2 to a slot
20:57:27_bilgusthis is re 4255^
20:59:25_bilgusall the other tags are far more variable but i really didn't notice a measurable difference in the speed (I guess because its able to check for two entries in the 16bit case)
21:24:44munkisyay i did a useful!
21:25:34Syco54645_workwell, as you pointed out, the only thing that I really need are the file names. i hadnt actually considered that yet... the tags i can read from the local files rather than the files on the player. i am digging in to the tcd format now and attempting to read it in c#. worst case i will go back to the source code or even the python example on the page. it doesnt have to be fancy. tagbot can be fancy. this is just going to be a step above cp with a
21:25:34Syco54645_workspreadsheet :P
21:27:13Syco54645_workwoops. just one step above i meant.
21:52:17_bilgussyco overlapping topic but wasn't referring to your thing, that said database_4.tcd is the filname one, it gives entries in the header and the items are setup like zero terminated bstrs (strlen in first 4? bytes) then item index in next 4 then the pathname
21:53:27_bilguspretty easy to just parse with a regex and a bit of logic
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22:59:43Syco54645_worki thought overlapping topics may have been the case
23:13:39Syco54645_workand yeah i have it reading just find in c# so maybe i will still go down this route even if media monkey is working for my needs. this is more fun

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