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#rockbox log for 2022-03-04

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09:17:54_bilgusamachronic, finally I got root redirect back into shape is the relevant part for root mounts
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09:19:03amachronicI saw that, great job! :D
09:19:08amachronicso it actually works now?
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09:19:56_bilgusthanks its not really my hard work thats all jhmikes but yes it is ALIVE
09:21:50_bilgusI was trying to get it working with hosted but that needs some more work
09:22:23amachronicthat's where I got stuck with my own attempt
09:23:01_bilgusI'll do so in the next few days weeks months? :p
09:23:09amachronici figured I would put in a path expander that could expand special paths like <rockbox> or <libdir> to whatever is appropriate
09:24:53amachronicam I correct that root redirect basically adds the equivalent of "mount"?
09:25:54_bilgusyeah mount and symbolic links into whatever you choose as root
09:27:10_bilgusso for instance i mount /myroot then /myroot/.rockbox becomes /.rockbox as far as everyone is concerned
09:28:39amachronicbut can you still access the "true" filesystem root?
09:29:15_bilgusyes but it enumerates as a separate folder (you can hide it if you want too)
09:31:22amachronicok I see. I'll have to try it myself some time
09:31:25_bilguson my device if i do the above in the root of the file system I have (contents of) /myroot; <0>, <1>
09:31:40amachronicyeah that's what I figured
09:34:01_bilgusits pretty great a shame jhmikes found other things to do :/
09:35:33_bilgusI was just reflecting on how much of the backend he has rewritten (for the better)
09:36:49amachronicyep he wrote most of the current file code it looks like... it's pretty good work
09:43:39sporkdoes this have the same intended results as #3721 on gerrit ?
09:44:15amachronicbasically, it just does it slightly differently
09:45:25sporkseems like it affects fewer files somehow
09:46:35amachronicthat's because mine touched everything that handled a path under .rockbox which was... not nice.
09:47:33_bilgusspork basically it goes to the dircache and lies bout what its found
09:48:48sporkif i understand it correctly, i should now be able to use the same sd card with a bunch of rockbox_main.<playername> pointing to different .rockbox versions
09:48:59sporkand use that card in all my players
09:49:05_bilgusyes which was the original intention
09:49:17sporkit is something i asked amachronic about last week :)
09:49:33sporkbecause of his patch on gerrit
09:49:38_bilgusbut only the sansas currently have the back-end to do it out of the box
09:49:40sporkso i am very pleased about yours
09:49:56sporki use it on my sansa's to load rockbox from the sd card
09:50:16sporkbut for my fiio m3k and shanling q1 it would also be very convenient
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09:51:17sporkit will not work on those just yet, _bilgus ?
09:51:41_bilgus_I'll get hosted working next (only took 4 years to get the sansas doing it again)
09:51:48_bilgus_soorry got d/c
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09:52:29_bilgus_its not overly complicated at this point just getting the right pieces in order
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09:53:31_bilgus_really i'd like to have a way to select a build at boot but thats just not gonna happen with the sansas
09:54:12_bilgus_they could do it before shutdown but the bootloaders just do not have enough room
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09:54:28_bilgus_the newer players (and hosted) though..
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09:56:11_bilgus_the original multiboot stuff was an exercise in code minification to shove it into those bootloaders (esp the clip+)
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09:57:17sporkyou would like to use different versions of rockbox on the same device then ?
09:57:59_bilgus_trying compiling the bootloaders after the root redirect patch, it appears the bootloaders do have some wiggle room now(probably due to amachronics optimizations TBH)
09:58:31_bilgus_I have been using it like that for four years so yes I would!
09:59:05_bilgus_same card works for my fuze+, zip, clip+, fuzev1
09:59:09_bilgus_no v2
09:59:37_bilgus_its also wonderful for testing builds
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10:01:46sporkyeah ok, but i was asking about selecint a build at boot
10:01:56sporkthat suggests having multiple builds for the same target on your sd card
10:02:11_bilgus_at boot would have to be only on the players with enough room
10:02:18sporkbut why?
10:02:23_bilgus_currently you do it after boot and reboot
10:02:43sporki understand having builds for different targets on one sd card so you can switch the card between devices
10:03:18sporkonly reason i can think of to have different builds for the same target is to have stable/testing or something
10:04:02_bilgus_and hence the reason its a manual process
10:05:30sporkyeah ok
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10:07:17_bilgus_ah ok I see what you are asking like why be able to select different builds as a regular user I see that as a way to have different profiles on the same player
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10:07:56sporkthat use case i did not consider, that could be useful too
10:08:05sporkthe alternative might be useful too
10:08:17sporkhave the 'database' shared between the different targets on one sd card
10:10:47_bilgus_just doing it after boot is a perfectly servicable way IMO maybe a plugin to help you
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17:34:12_bilgus_gerrit is down :(
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