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#rockbox log for 2022-03-06

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02:55:58_bilgus_and a now keyremap can export and import plain text keymap files
02:56:52_bilgus_it still need some clean-up and probably bug fixes yet but it exports and imports its own dogfood and seems to handle myriad of formatting mistakes
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10:22:15amachronic_bilgus_: thanks, I'm going to try that patch now
10:22:30_bilgus_eh let me give you the latest
10:24:23amachronicso you did a custom format, i was thinking of CSV myself
10:24:47amachronicthat way it could be edited in libreoffice or whatever
10:25:57_bilgus_I just formatted it like the keymap files
10:26:52_bilgus_context = {\n {act,btn,pbtn},\n }\n each requires its own line for parsing
10:27:36_bilgus_I figure that way we can use it to create keymaps too
10:28:58_bilgus_that said you wanna do it in another format feel free its not terrible to tweak
10:29:53amachronicthe format doesn't bug me at all, I just thought csv is 'easy' and maybe more friendly to less technical people
10:34:22_bilgus_its pretty robust need logf to get detailed messages but, it does give line numbers for errors
10:37:17amachronicyeah it seems to work fine if you know what you're doing; error reporting is always a PITA
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10:47:24_bilgus_export will give you a file to edit showing the format, the entries part is superfluous, the commas at the end of {action entries} are ignored too
10:48:02_bilgus_and amazingly it handles /t in all the places
10:48:42_bilgus_and LF/CRLF dues to readline parsing them out for you
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17:02:35_bilgus_Barring bugs keyremap plugin should be in pretty good shape after this round, it now allows naming your save/exported files and put in a way to add comments
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