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#rockbox log for 2022-03-16

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10:47:34_bilgusI'm experimenting with moving all the file paths out of the settings struct and into their own file, the majority do not get used often and when they are most appear to be used for building a path in a separate buffer anyway so I think it makes sense to move them out and instead cache them into buflib rather than keeping them around for the duration
10:49:05_bilgusI'm just fleshing out the API if anyone has suggestions.. So far I think the new settings will just be appended to the file till a threshold (max size) is reached to condense it
10:50:00_bilgusnext paths will be retrieved by an enum linked to string options that way we can keep it plain text
10:50:40_bilgusformat filetag = pathstring\n
10:53:03_bilgusas strings are loaded I might cache them and erase upon shrink/move cb, might be overkill depending on the frequency (might just give a fn to cache it)
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12:06:52amachronic_bilgus my only suggestion is that as things currently stand, that would be unlikely to be a code size win
12:07:49amachronicthe max filename length is 32 chars and max path 80 chars
12:08:15amachronicby my count it adds up to 981 bytes in user_settings (plus a little more for alignment I guess)
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12:12:48bilgus_phAmachronic, I concur the bookkeeping structure will end up being larger than the, worst case size of 1k so probably pointless then again I'll have to look at all the support code before I call it dead, might get some back in consolidating it
12:13:48bilgus_phI really want it to be plaintext so that removes some of the book keeping tricks like making every entry maxpath or something
12:15:32bilgus_phMaybe better would be to just move to a separate settings structure that can be unloaded
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12:39:26spork'improve correctness' is a nice description
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13:35:17sporkamachronic: do the buttons on the quickscreen still work for you on the q1 in 'absolute point' mode ?
13:36:07sporki have reset my settings, then turned on 'absolute point'. the quickscreen shows 'shuffle' and 'repeat' but no matter what i 'click' the screen closes
13:36:18sporkwith the settings unchanged
13:37:26sporkthe 'ok' buttons on the pitch screen also do not work
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13:41:52sporki must be doing something wrong but i cannot figure out what
13:50:39bilgus_phSpork likely I broke something with the skin parser but I don't think either of those are skinned
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13:52:39sporkthey look quite basic indeed
13:52:50sporkit might have been broken for a while
13:55:54sporksame build works fine on m3k, but that is not a touchscreen device
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13:58:40sporkit is build b3e0d18f7d now which is the skin engine cleanup
13:59:00sporkbut i am fairly sure it was not working before i upgraded to that
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14:00:35bilgus_phI'll try to repor in the simple this evening hopefully it fails there as well
14:01:09bilgus_phReproduce* simulator*
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14:05:10sporki do not think you can simulate 'absolute point' mode
14:05:15sporkonly 3x3
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16:14:25_bilgusspork can you try this build on your Q1?
16:55:44_bilgusI think the skin parser is it, judging by the region lookup code but damned if I can find any typo
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19:31:07amachronicspork the quickscreen is indeed broken, it's also reproducible on the sim
19:31:52_bilgusI wonder trying to read a text param without it existing is bad juju in the skin engine
19:32:10amachronici'm bisecting it now so we'll see...
19:36:48_bilgusis the quick screen a button combo on the Q1?
19:37:24amachronicin abs. point mode it's only accessible from the WPS - you press the bottom left corner
19:37:35amachronic(of the touchscreen)
19:37:44_bilgusgot it thats helpful :p
19:38:49_bilgushmm amazingly its not me, hope your bisect proves as much :p
19:39:22amachronicyep, the bad commit is mine −− 3f966b2aa "touchscreen: make quickscreen easier to use"
19:39:44amachronicwhich is odd because I tested this...
19:40:24amachronicpartly to solve this exact problem, lol.
19:43:47_bilgus(x < LCD_WIDTH/3 ? left : (x > 2*LCD_WIDTH/3 ? 2 : right)) | (y < LCD_WIDTH/3 ? top : (y > 2*LCD_WIDTH/3 ? 8 : bottom));
19:44:06_bilgussince the case is in order isn't that going to always choose the top item?
19:45:18amachronicthat's it, I can only assume I broke it during some funky rebase... or I didn't actually test properly :P
19:45:40amachronicmore likely the latter
19:46:01_bilgusno judgement here Ive plenty of that :p
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20:06:25_bilgusdoe sthe pitch screen show the wrong text 'Pictureflow?) on the device too or just the sim?
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20:17:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b309fae2bc result: All green
20:20:30amachronici see nothing wrong with the pitchscreen on the q1
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20:32:29_bilgusweird probably lang files need remade
20:34:12_bilgusyep that was it
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22:02:09_bilgusamachronic, spork being touch screen users would it be helpful to have a plugin that plays an action when run? to use as a qs item perhaps
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