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#rockbox log for 2022-03-19

01:46:45spork_bilgus_: what is [COV] ?
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02:03:40_bilgus_ah crap I screwed that commit up
02:08:20_bilgus_sorry this one
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02:15:27sporkyep, now it makes sense
02:15:42sporki knew you were using that but did not connect the prefix
02:21:48_bilgus_well considering the recent?
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02:27:15_bilgus_as soon as I get this next build in we now have str_begins_with_oneof and str_ends_with_oneof for the tagnavi, should solve a few issues and make tg nav files smaller
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03:23:31_bilgus_pretty hefty size though
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03:33:54_bilgus_ok one more should knock off a bit using fall through and an extra compare to leave the code inlined
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11:33:20dconradamachronic, just saw your post on the forums, I get error (-5)
11:33:36dconradI'll go ahead and dump the recovery kernel image now
11:33:57amachronic...which is dcrc mismatch, so it's probably corrupted
11:38:57dconradhmm, wonder how it got corrupted - from the factory?
11:39:06dconradI think I have used it before
11:39:22amachronicwell, there's no ECC so it could just be a bitflip.
11:39:38dconradall it takes is one, I guess
11:42:06amachronicyup, it's got a zeroed 128k block at offset 0x380000
11:42:30dconrada whole block?
11:42:48amachroniclooks like the file data skipped that block
11:43:29amachronicso what I need to do is skip any bad blocks encountered when reading or writing
11:44:04amachronicI think the data is okay, it's just that your flash happens to have a bad block at that location so it's skipping past it
11:45:24dconradmust have been bad from the factory then
11:54:28amachronicthanks for testing anyhow
11:54:34dconradyeah of course
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