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#rockbox log for 2022-03-27

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02:00:02_bilgusI think i'd probably stub it out so its still functionlly the same
02:00:53_bilgusbut it depends on just how much I can kick out to the plugin verses just leaving it all but at the very least its getting less static buffers
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08:02:32gfdghey guys
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08:49:13amachronic_bilgus is g#4349 to your liking?
08:49:16rb-bluebotGerrit review #4349 at : multiboot: Allow searching in volume 0 for redirect file by Aidan MacDonald
08:49:50amachronic(I couldn't use the IF_MV(1) you suggested before since multivolume is always present if multiboot is enabled)
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09:46:18_bilgusamachronic, I think it'd be fine then they can change the min drive if they really want to redirect internal.
09:46:43_bilgusI think it wouldn't matter though since we go from hight to low
09:47:20_bilgusit was just what was discussed (for safety) when it was first implemented
09:48:11amachronicyeah that's reasonable since the main point was to work around dying flash
09:48:53amachronici'll merge it then
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09:50:38_bilgusI pulled out a clipzip I got back from the fam with 3.15 on it, we have made some great progress
09:52:28_bilgusit had a display glitch that disappeared on upgrade even felt faster on boot and moving around
09:54:08_bilgusANd the USB thats must be your doing
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09:56:52amachronicit's been almost 2000 commits in 2 years since 3.15
09:57:14amachronicI sure hope we've improved it since then :D
09:57:14_bilgusyeah so thousands of man hours too
09:57:38amachronicthe most expensive music player firmware in history lol
09:57:38_bilgusI'm gonna say yes but I'm biased
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10:13:38_bilgusI'm looking at putting a vm in core
10:13:53_bilgusnot lua more like basic
10:14:17_bilgusahem BASIC
10:14:21amachronicwhy not lua? memory constraints?
10:14:37_bilgusyeah its terrible with memory
10:14:58_bilguseverythings dynamic and it likes to fragment
10:16:39amachronicwe really need better MM in the core too
10:17:13_bilgusI think with a vm I could implement most of the duplicated (but different) parsers as bytecode
10:17:58amachronicheh, that'd be an interesting project.
10:20:03amachronicback to my point about MM, I find using buflib is quite difficult since everything can move
10:20:05_bilgusI'm not sure what to do about MM its actually half decent with the buflib
10:20:29_bilgusyeah the moving memory is why it works well
10:20:50amachronicbut −− there's no "lock" primitive that can be applied to any handle which makes it hard to build up composable functions that use buflib handles.
10:21:05_bilgusit becomes req at run keep your handle
10:21:56_bilgusI was thinking a jump list with priority slots the last time
10:26:21amachronici guess locking is only truly necessary for I/O, but not being able to do I/O with our main memory allocator is a rather crippling limitation
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14:03:02sporkthat multiboot will be nice to swap sd cards between devices
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14:03:51spork6 of my 7 rockboxed players will support it
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15:18:16bluebrotherok, so I bumped Rockbox Utility to 1.5.0 so we finally get a new released version.
15:21:54bluebrotherspeachy: can you put the binaries on the download server? Files are at
15:22:37bluebrotherBinaries are Win7 and up, MacOS 10.12 and up, Linux 64bit AppImage.
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